Why PC Gaming Is Still Niche in Japan

Kotaku: Cold rain drizzles outside. Inside, everything is pink, round, and frilly. The first floor of this otaku (geek) retailer is plastered with release info for new PC games—adult PC games. A young clerk in glasses near the 18-and-up section taps away on a computer, probably checking inventory. I approach, excusing myself for asking a sudden, if not seemingly random question: "Why is PC gaming in Japan so niche?"

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1950d ago

Because they are always are on the cutting edge? 4k oled + 720p console = <3 I guess.

YourFlyness1950d ago

They are always on the go. which is why Portables rule

kevnb1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

they also hate the xbox 360, different cultures like different games and gamers just follow the games they like to play. On a side note, pc games at retail are pretty much dead. Online games, steam, and free to play are where pc gaming is now.

sllshrm1949d ago

Come to my will change your opinion

Retail is only slow in US, UK, Japan and some european countries

kevnb1949d ago

and much of asia, which we cant just ignore.

urwifeminder1950d ago

Strange japan is leading the world online in the new medal of honour on pc they win all the time.

1950d ago
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