Gears of War Judgment Release Date: Game Added to 1600 Microsoft Points Pre-order Bonus Promotion

"This morning, The Microsoft Store just added Gears of War Judgement to the list of titles eligilbe for the 1600 Microsoft Points ($19.99 value) pre-order bonus! This is in addition to the Classic Hammerburst and Alex Brand."

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Excalibur1951d ago

The pre-orders for GOW:J are abysmal, around 70,000 or so.

Go to Epic's site and you will see why, pretty much the whole forum is in an uproar over all the changes, or should I say deletions being made.

Why Epic wants to turn a fantastic franchise like Gears into an everyday generic shooter is beyond us, most of us are voting with our wallets this go around.

TekoIie1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

The gears community is in uproar over the removal of stopping power?

Let me summarize the real issue:

The entire self proclaimed hardcore is crying because DBNO and locust have been removed from traditional MP... and thats really it.

Everything else which has ZERO evidence to show that it would hinder the game is being turned into a negative. This is a time where people really are whining and i hate using the word now.

There are even predictions of the judgment being a rifle fest... based of nothing...

Excalibur1951d ago


They are in an uproar over a lot of things.

At this point there is no evidence of a Horde or Beast mode, it looks as though it has been replaced with their generic Overun mode.
The community is begging for some answers and Epic won't comment on it either way.

TekoIie1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

"At this point there is no evidence of a Horde or Beast mode".

And this is the issue with the community. Jumping to conclusions when OXM has talked about a survival mode being in Judgment. Also love how you call Overrun generic when in reality its everything beast should have been and wait one second! Didnt the community ask for that mode? Well how about that...

Heres a post on the forums relating to horde:

Based of that info it is effectively an endless horde mode...

You know you said you were voting with your wallet. Did your brain factor into that decision?

RuleofOne343 1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Cool can't wait I love this game franchise .