Capcom on Monster Hunter 4 Vita Rumors: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear on the Internet

GenGAME writes: Following the rumors that Monster Hunter 4′s delay was to accommodate for a Vita release, the topic was brought up over at Capcom Unity. A brief discussion ensued, after which Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson himself entered the conversation, and his response essentially squashed any chance that the game will leave the 3DS.

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Prodigy-X1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

The point is they need to release a Monster Hunter for PS Vita because it would be more benefit for them and Sony.

Erimgard1917d ago

Capcom's not really interested in what benefits Sony, unless it benefits Capcom as well. Right now, the 3DS is DOMINATING the charts in Japan (even if its sales are modest elsewhere) and the vast majority of the Monster Hunter market is in Japan.

When Monster Hunter games were released for PSP, they were exclusive. If MH4 was just ported to Vita, when there's already a 3DS version, it probably wouldn't sell very well.

The 3DS is a hot item in Japan and the Vita is not. As such, Monster Hunter's going to sell better on 3DS than Vita. The number of people who would buy the Vita version of the game versus the 3DS version of the game might not be enough to justify the time/money spent to port the game.

Kalowest1917d ago

Funny how someone can say something logical and still get disagrees, lol.

Gamer19821917d ago

Gimme a break if Capcom cared about purely money and nothing more they would be releasing the new Monster hunter for PS3 aswell as Wii-U. Since they aren't they obviously care more about relations with Nintendo or something else as I honestly dont see the point in bringing a huge franchise like that to a a platform exclusively in this day and age. Not when your capcom.

ABizzel11917d ago

The Vita's lack of sales in Japan is simply because of the PSP.

The PSP is still getting tons of support from Japanese developers in Japan. That's good for the PSP and good for Sony, but they need to stop this, because it's hurting the sales of the Vita.

Looking at their average weekly sales, Vita pushes 80,000 per week (30k EU, 30k J, 20k US). The PSP is still selling 100,000 handhelds per week. Add those together and that could be 180,000 Vita's per week which is the number most people would expect from a new gaming device.

More importantly look at the PSP's sales breakdown 100,000 (2k US, 9K EU, 80,000+ Japan).

That's insane. The PSP is selling as much as Vita WW numbers in Japan alone. It's good, because the PSP is pure revenue for Sony by now, but they need to stop it or the Vita will continue to sell poorly.

ThanatosDMC1916d ago

MH 3DS sales havent even come close to MH PSP sales. Something's wrong. People are either waiting for it to drop on the Vita or they dont want to buy the same game over and over again... lol!

Abdou231916d ago

@ Kalowest

LOL. you new to N4G or what ?!

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Haha1231917d ago

When vita gets a decent install base maybe then capcom will bother

Ult iMate1916d ago

With that logic the first portable Mohun should never be released on PSP. And every 3rd party game should be released on DS.

SpitTake1917d ago

No it's not worth it at all. The 3DS has an install base in japan of over 9million, Vita has an install base in Japan of 1.4 million. It's not worth the money and effort of porting it over the to vita when probably of that 1.4 million, you're getting 300k sold. Not worth it.

KING851917d ago

Sadly I agree. It would be nice to see it on the Vita, but as you said financially speaking it would be not worth it to port. Unfortunately when you speak anything remotely not in favor of one's loved console on these forums all hell breaks loose and sound reasoning is put out the door.

dredgewalker1916d ago

I actually agree from a business standpoint. But if a monster hunter game can help increase the sale of the Vita then it would be worth a shot at making it. Sometimes businesses need to take some risks in order to make decent money. You can't play safe all the time and sometimes even that strategy fails.

nirwanda1916d ago

@dredgewalker then its sony that should be taking the risk not capcom and should be paying capcom to make it.

IAmLee1917d ago

The DLC isn't on the disc this time or?

tubers1916d ago

Nope.. It's on cart for the 3DS

Shnazzyone1917d ago

Naaa they dont. Nintendo has already basically secured the monster hunter franchise, assisted by the fact that vita just does not have a worthwhile install base while 3ds 100% does. At this point theres a better chance of another freedom unite game on psp then a new monster hunter on vita. Nintendo just offers platforms that take less resources to develop for and a bigger group to buy the games.

It's kinda logical even if vita owners are so hard up for games as to make stuff up now.

mrbojingles1917d ago

benefit them how? it would be a terrible business decision. the Vita isn't getting better software/hardware sales anytime soon and it isn't capcom's responsibility to help it. they make games on platforms with a good chance of good sales.

Killzoner991917d ago

Screw Crapcom. After what they did to DMC I don't care what they do with their franchises. Vita does not need Monster Hunter , it can go ROT.

AWBrawler1916d ago

More hunting for us 3DS owners then. Careful what you wish for

CalvinKlein1916d ago

Sony should pay capcom some money to make a VIta version with exclusive DLC!!!!! Entice them with the thought of using the superior PSN to milk the consumer with some DLC. If Sony mentions the DLC milking Idea it may not even cost them much to get a vita version. Thell them to sell armor for 5.00 and include it already with the game data. They will like that idea and want to port more games to vita suddenly.

Knight_Crawler1916d ago

LOL so now its ok to pay for exclusive DLC but when MS does it they are evil.

What about N4G users screaming that 1st party games are more important than 3 party multiplat games.

The irony on this site never stops to amaze...multiplats are way more important than 1st party games and Sony never took advantage of that and now they are not the Giants that they were with the PS2.

Sony should be throwing mad money at Konami right now to make MGS 5 a PS4 exclusive but we all know that Sony is a saint and they would never for anything exclusive.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

"Don’t Believe Everything You Hear on the Internet"

So why does everyone believe it's only for 3ds for 3 years?

no buy for me.. not getting a 3ds just for this.

I hope sony brings back shadow of the colossus.

1916d ago
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NovusTerminus1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Yeah. I gave up on Capcom giving a damn about the MH fanbase since I am STILL waiting for MHF3.

So yeah, I guess Capcom built up a 3mil+ fanbase on the PSP and said "screw 'em" would settle for a PSN release of Freedom 3.

Erimgard1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

It seems to me like Capcom operates under the assumption that their fanbase will follow the games regardless of system. As such, whatever system they think is the hot item at the moment is the system they're going to go with. It's a bit unfair, but I guess that's business.

vork771917d ago

and yet no good megaman games

Kalowest1917d ago

"Capcom operates under the assumption that their fanbase will follow the games regardless of system."

If you were a Multi-Console owner, this won't be a problem. Just buy the game for whatever system.

Gamer19821917d ago

"If you were a Multi-Console owner, this won't be a problem. Just buy the game for whatever system. "
Wow how deluded. I am a man who had had a few 360s over time and now own 2 ps3s and a pc (sold all my 360s thanks to less exclusives and online not being free) but I totally agree with that sentiment. Consumers mostly decide on 1 console and a stretch 2. Back when SEGA were still a power we had 2 major consoles and thats it now we have 3 and for my liking its 1 too many. Not everybody can put down £300+ on a new console (launch prices) then pay for new ones when they die plus peripherals, games etc.

If your lucky enough to have every console and handheld then you have some serious cash. I spend the bulk of my cash on gaming as my whole family love it but I still cannot afford every system and keep up with games. It's why I went to PC mainly also. It's the most expensive initial payment but boy does it pay itself back in dividends! Games for less than half price of the console versions.

TruthbeTold1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )


So it's on Capcom to take a major risk by releasing a version on the Vita, for the sake of those who can't/won't buy a 3DS?

That makes no sense. If one is truly in a financial position where they can only buy a single gaming device, then they probably should not be buying it anywhere near launch. See how things play out. If you have to buy such and such device because of company loyalty, and you can't afford something else - then when the games you want aren't released on it, it's not the developer's fault. It's the decision making of the gamer. Period.

zebramocha1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

@truth what you said makes no sense because mh is not a new ip,we don't know how much a vita port would cost and this game isn't guarantee to sell 9 mil so why can't they port it? if the game was good on the psp,it should be great on the vita.

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mrbojingles1917d ago

maybe Sony shouldn't market their handheld poorly and come out with real first party system sellerd in order to increase sales so companies like Capcom can take less of a risk developing for Vita?

Developers abandoning a brand or platform is because of that platform aging too much or no longer being a good investment.

Haha1231917d ago

ahwell shame, cant wait for 3 ultimate and 4 for my 3DS :P

RogueStatus281917d ago

Pokemon XY and Monster Hunter 4 in the same month, overkill, headshot, stone cold stunner, boot to face, etc.

godofboobees1917d ago

I've always been a loyal follower of Mh but given the direction capcom is going with it now I'm starting to lose faith. Money hungry pricks

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