Educated Guesses: What Sony’s Studios Are Working On (IGN)

Think about it: we have no idea what studios like Sucker Punch, Sony Bend, Evolution Studios and Polyphony Digital are working on, and for some of these teams, it’s been a year or more since we’ve heard anything at all. But that won’t stop us from guessing what’s next.

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silkrevolver1827d ago

Even though InFamous 3 doesn't really make sense with the endings of 2... I would love to see what it would look like on the PS4.

shivvy241827d ago

na theres no chance for infamous 3

GribbleGrunger1827d ago

Two ending

1/ GOOD: He dies on the ship and then as it sails into the distance you see a lightening strike hit the boat

2/ EVIL: He lives on but Zeke is dead.

I see absolutely not reason why 3 couldn't be made.

silkrevolver1827d ago

If they were to make it, it would obviously have to start in two VERY different places.

GribbleGrunger1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

No, because EVIL Cole and GOOD Cole are the same person. If it was GOOD Cole, You'd probably start where the boat washed up and if you were the BAD Cole, you'd take it from where ever he decided to go. They are 'alternate' endings, not definitive endings. They'd just offer you the exact same choices to make your character good or bad (whichever way round they decide)

admiralvic1827d ago

Why can't some series come to an end? Just because they CAN make another, does that mean we should always see another one? If anything I rather see one of the people in the "Bad" ending get their own game, than see another story with Cole, especially since his story is finished.

silkrevolver1827d ago is being washed up on the shore, and being all powerful with an army of evil not two very different places to start?

JoGam1827d ago

Honestly, mark my words, there WILL be another inFAMOUS. Sony will be stupid not to make it. Its not like if they made it, it won't sell.

Y_51501827d ago

Yes and I just thought up on how they can keep it so you still make choices.

Good: You are strucked back to life and now going to fix the world from the destruction that has been brought by the beast...Or you can just destroy what's left.

Bad: You are the leader of the conduit world with all the power to your fingertips. But there's a rebellion group that is trying to overtake you. You Have to take down their leader and make other conduits come to your side...Or you can just kill anyone in your way.

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BitbyDeath1827d ago

I wouldn't mind an inFamous 3, but probably stop it after that.

Game series always work well in threes

RogueStatus281827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Ooh Uncharted 4, Little Big Planet 3, and KillZone 4, lol.
"Hey guys can't wait to see Infamous 3 get announced!"

majiebeast1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Didnt MM say they were done with LBP? I see Sanzaru doing Jak 4 not ND i think they are done with the franchise.

BitbyDeath1827d ago

Said to be stepping away but not for good.

shivvy241827d ago

Jak 4 , man if this gets announced ill sream like a little girl then go hump someone due to excitement !

silkrevolver1827d ago

I doubt ND will do it.
They tried it out when they split into two teams, but it didn't work.

Though, if I remember that issue of Game Informer correctly, they aren't adverse to the idea of trying it again.

Riderz13371827d ago

I hope Naughty Dog makes Uncharted 4. I know that they've usually stopped at trilogies but Uncharted in my opinion is just too popular to put away. I mean I'm 100% sure that if they made a new IP for the PS4 they can pull it off cause they are talented, but I would still love Uncharted 4. Plus they have gotten so much bigger as a studio that they can easily develop 2 games at a time now. Which they are probably doing with the Last of Us and then another team working on another game probably.

th3n00bg4m3r1827d ago

'Finger Crossed' I want to see Drake again.

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