Skyrim DLC is finally coming to PSN, but is it too late?

The Skyrim DLC for PSN was announced all over gaming sites the last day or so. Skyrim DLC is finally coming to Playstation 3! Bethesda says it will be available in early February and it will be 50% off the first week or so. But is it too late for gamers? Have Skyrim fans moved on? Why did it take so long to come to PS3?

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Hellsvacancy1787d ago

Of course not, Im glad its finally happening, although I traded my copy of Skyrim a long time ago, after I got the platinum

Ill buy the Ultimate edition when there is one, ive got loads of games to play at the mo

Im defo looking forward to going back to Skyrim

dedicatedtogamers1787d ago

I'm sure PS3 owners would be happy to pass up on way-too-late DLC in favor of Bethesda fixing bugs that are STILL present in the PS3 version.

Reverent1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I was just playing Skyrim on PS3 last night. Seems perfectly fine to me. No issues at all. And for that matter, people have completely blown that idea out of proportion. People have tried to make it seem like Skyrim was completely unplayable on PS3; exaggerating the glitches and problems to the point where there were actually people afraid to buy the game for it...

I bought the game day one for my PS3 and I ran into few issues. A couple flying mammoths here and there (not even a big issue at all) and my game froze on me TWICE (After I had already played for almost a hundred hours). That's it.

Now, today, I've been playing and everything runs smooth. I'm seeing little to no issues at all, so it is honestly getting really annoying to hear people raving about how the PS3 version is "still" broke (and it never was).

I'm not saying a support Bethesda for this either, I know the PS3 version was the lesser version in comparison to the others at least, and their delaying of the DLC's is downright unforgivable, but dammit people, stop exaggerating how bad the PS3 version of the game is/was, it wasn't THAT bad.

EDIT: Also, I know that you personally aren't saying anything like this (merely claiming it has a few issues) so I'm not directing my rant at you, just the people who complain about it in general.

Red_Orange_Juice1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

buying this dlc equals agreeing with all their lies and pr tricks

DeleteThisxx1787d ago


I used to be like you. Constantly saying "It isn't as bad as people make it out to be." Granted, it wasn't...

Until my game would freeze every single time I stepped in water. That was my breaking point.

slaton241787d ago

i have no problems with my skyrim...u 360 people talk about our problem with skyrim how about urs with borderlands 2

morganfell1787d ago

Same here Reverent. No issues in quite a while. I own both the PC and PS3 versions. What irks me most about Bethesda isn't the PS3 delay. It's talking up the PC version as the end all be all of Skyrim and then shafting those owners. If anyone should be telling them to go take a flying leap it's PC gamers. As regards the PS3 version I really was on it last night - recent snow here has kind of set the tone form that game and it had nothing to do with the DLC. I will get the DLC for both PC and PS3 because this is a game that lasts a long, long time and though I purchased both at launch I am still running my initial character on the PS3 whereas with the PC version I have restarted characters a half dozen times due to issues induced with mods via Steamworks or Skyrim Nexus.

meatnormous1787d ago

Never had a problem, but never played it till 5 months after release. I have the plat also.

jadenkorri1787d ago

for me, yeah its too late, im done with the game, i still own it as i collect games.

TheFreak1786d ago

It is broken for many people. My game froze 3-4 times every time I played it and lagged constantly. I quit playing the game because it was unplayable. I feel like Bethesda stole my money.

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DeleteThisxx1787d ago


Wow, look at you! No one even mentioned the 360 version and here you are trying to start a console war. I swear, the maturity of some gamers is mind boggling, is it really so difficult to just admit when something is/was broken without making comparisons?

At the end of the day, it's all about the games not the console you play them on so quit spitting the crap. Your entire post made you look like a hypocrite.

CaptainYesterday1787d ago

I'm still waiting for the GOTY edition with everything on it :)

ApolloTheBoss1787d ago

Planning to rent it, I hope.

MrDead1786d ago

Same here, I'm not touching this until the GOTY edition comes out.

TheFreak1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Do not buy the ps3 version it's a broken buggy mess. It's unbelievable that a game company can release a broken game without any repercussions.

The game froze 3-4 times every time I played it and it lagged constantly. STAY AWAY from the ps3 version if you can.

Runa2161786d ago

Really? because I played Skyrim on PS3 2 full times through, totaling nearly 400 hours, and it only glitched perhaps a half dozen times, total. by comparison, in my 15 hours I put into Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, it glitched about a half dozen times.

Granted, there were some minor visual issues, like items getting stuck in walls or weird animations, or as another user pointed out, floating enemies, but gameplay wise, it was near flawless.

I have it on PC as well, but I still prefer playing it on PS3 because I prefer the controller.

TheFreak1786d ago

Can't you play skyrim on pc with a controller?

Ezz20131787d ago

i moved on long ago (i have the pc version of skyrim anyway)
but more power for who want it

HarryMasonHerpderp1787d ago

People really shouldn't support lazy developers.

Dungus1787d ago

Hahaha... aaah Skyrim. Nah, but thanks all the same, Bugthesda!

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