How the PS3 Excelled and Failed at Delivering the Goods

"It is a new year, which is also a new year in gaming and a new era rapidly approaches. Nintendo has already taken that first big step with the Wii U’s release in November of 2012, but both Microsoft and Sony have yet to pull the trigger when it comes to even announcing their next generation consoles to the public."

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iamnsuperman1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I am confused why you didn't click. They posted their 360 one not that long ago and like that one this one is fair.

There is a mistake with the Playstation 4 used as a heading but I mostly agree. The hack was bad but the reasoning of why it happened is because Sony made themselves the big target not because of lack of keeping things secure (as they did abide my industry standards). It isn't as if its competitors have had it plain sailing (Live had that hotmail exploit). Online services are never secure and it will take anyone committed enough to break it (a.k.a annoymous). They way they handled the PR side was atrocious

Also "Why the hell did they remove backward compatibility from the PS3? I get that they wanted to sell more PS2s, but it has been a long time, release a firmware update and just allow it already, it is ridiculous" is not the reason they got rid of it

It isn't a simple emulator but a god dam PS2 inside the fat PS3. It was too costly to keep doing this so the slim models have it removed (note fat still has). They have also found a more profitable way to keep users buying PS2 games (HD collections) which have seemed to (for better or worse) taken off.

Silly gameAr1793d ago

After reading your post iamnsuperman, I think Shanks is right. Seen to many articles like that. Need some more original stuff to read then the same ol' same ol'.

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ImpliedDeception1793d ago

my second-gen 40 gig phatty has no b/c, sorry to say...

Agree on all else, though.

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neoMAXMLC1793d ago

@Banned, the Emotion Engine processor was emulated in the fat 80GB. The graphics synthesizer wasn't and still needed the hardware. Could be due to the fact that it is very hard to emulate the eDRAM which had faster bandwidth than the PS3's RSX. Still wondering how those PS2 classics work.

ShinMaster1793d ago

In comparison, Sony always gets more heat for the same sh*t others have done similarly.

kupomogli1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )


The software emulated PS3 still used hardware components, just not as much as the full hardware bc PS3.

In a 60GB PS3, there are two chips. The emotion engine and the graphics synthesizer. In the first released 80GB model(the bc version,) the emotion engine is emulated and they only have the graphics synthesizer. It's called software emulation, but it still requires some hardware.

*edit* I didn't read all the comments. neoMAXMLC answered this before me.


It takes awhile for the PS2 classics to show up. So maybe the developers have to port them to work on the PS3s without emulation?

t0mmyb0y1792d ago

Well said. Exactly what I was going to say about the BC of PS2.

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Ezz20131793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

guys it's just his opinion
i agree with some of his points and disagree with the others
that's all

Anon19741793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Some of his points were valid but I think he missed the boat on others. The PSN hack I think was handled well. System's get hacked all the time and what's funny to me is while PSN was hacked at the exact same time, Citigroup was hacked and millions in fraudulent transactions went through, something Citigroup took months to admit.

Sony and Citi were both called before a gov committee but despite the fact that the data stolen by hackers from Sony was encrypted and no fraudulent activity was reported, which story did the media make more of a big deal out of? It was ridiculous. I think once Sony ascertained the nature of the crime dealt with it well, from reporting what happened, offering fraud insurance to their customers and with the free game give away.

As for the launch price criticism, it was still one of the more modestly priced Blu-ray players for the time. I don't think the pricing was unreasonable.

Even removing PS2 support, while I didn't like it nor approve of this move, you can hardly criticize them for it. Consumers spoke and they wanted a cheaper system. Sony did what they needed to do and delivered a price cut. It's not like people didn't have the chance to buy a BC PS3, and it's not as if you couldn't just go out and buy a PS2 if you still wanted.

If you want to criticize the PS3, the more obvious choices would be lying about the removal of vibration from the controllers at the start and issues with the ease of development. Not only that, but Sony's advertising has been terrible for the most part. I think those were far bigger blunders when you look at the overall system's history than Sony pricing the PS3 way cheaper than it even cost to make the thing, or that one time criminals targeted the console.

Gaming_Guru1793d ago

The thing about the price too it was only $100.00 more than the XBOX 360's price point. With all the stuff you buy to get it going like batteries, Xbox live membership, and any thing else I'm forgetting would be more than $100.00. So to me the playstation 3 was a steal for what the market was then, but you'll see $899.99 phones selling like hot cakes, lol.

Clarence1793d ago

This is how you know the PS3 is doing well.

Rageanitus1793d ago

There are 2 things it failed from a consumer perspective. It did not have much games when it launched and it was direct comparison to the library of the Xbox at launch.... but the tables have turned.

The multiplatform games are still better "quality" on the xbox but the differences are sooo minor now.

In the end the PS3 has delivered IMO as a better entertainment device in the living room and even though the price has always been higher, it still offered much more value

LOGICWINS1793d ago

The lack of games at launch isn't a practical complaint. After spending 600 bucks on a console, how many people would be in the market for MULTIPLE $60 games? Call it a blanket statement if ud like, but a good chunk(maybe the majority) of people who buy consoles at launch do so with the intention of flipping them for a profit IMO.

Rageanitus1793d ago

Yah but you have to remember PS3 was a cheap alternative to Blu-ray

Blu-ray was the ONLY item and still today that will take advantage of your sound system and 1080p TV at a reasonable price. Unless you wanted to plug your PC to the TV but even back then blu-ray drives on PC's were NON existant.

As a consumer it really mattered to me and blu-ray was just simply amazing when it first came out... only the haters like hard core xbox fanboys said they cannot tell the different between blu-ray and DVD

LOGICWINS1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Well yeah. I agree, but I don't see what that has to do with my comment. I thought we were talking about backwards compatibility..not Blu-Ray.

EDIT: Oh ur referring to the second part of my statement. I bet there were some people who bought a PS3 because it was a cheap Blu-Ray player, but for all we know, many of those people did so with the intention of making a profit later on. In the end, buying a console at launch is illogical unless you intend on flipping it. Your buying a console at its highest price with its fewest games.

Otherwise, if your a techie and you enjoy always having the latest tech, thats perfectly fine, even though your purchasing tech from an emotional point of view as opposed to a logical one.

violents1793d ago

rageanitus is right. at launch blu ray players were like 1000 bucks and a ps3 was 600. So if you wanted a cheap blu ray player you could get in on the new hd craze a lot cheaper.

However I do agree with your original comment to an extent. A lot of people buy up new hot items to extort people on ebay when the stores sell out.

Godmars2901793d ago

At this point it makes better sense - for them - to sell PS2 games on PSN, not that lack of BC is sort of an F-U to old PS2 owners.

Not that plenty of "who needs BC" complaints from supposed fans didn't help anything.

Also real surprise that Sony's media efforts were so behind MS's initially.

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