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Video Game Movies Need To Succeed Like Comic Book Movies

If there’s one thing interesting about the movie industry today, is that how comic book films are becoming so popular. Why do video game movies fail to achieve a similar kind of success then? (Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

DwightOwen  +   835d ago

Video games need to stop looking to Hollywood for validation and learn to stand on their own as groundbreaking interactive experiences.
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BanBrother  +   835d ago
Yes, but a lot of those comics were made before games were around, and they are also cartoons and have massive fanbases.

It can't be done. Hollywood producers would rather have a crappy movie for the masses that makes $500 million than a very true to the game movie, that makes $50 million.

Sad but true. I enjoyed the Max Payne movie for what it was, but would have much preferred it if it followed the game more. Same goes for Silent Hill and DOOM.

I would prefer CGI game movies, that are sold in game-stores on standalone blu-rays, that are released before a big game comes out or afterwards. It would create a whole new market. Imagine going into your game store and seeing the CGI movie section. Killzone, Bioshock, Metro etc. Sort of like those 2 Dead Space movies, except obviously they don't have to be comic book style, they can pick their poison.

I always thought that would be awesome, if you disagree share your thoughts, I'd like to discuss it further.
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dboyc310  +   835d ago
I actually agree. For example the Uncharted movie that is coming out would have been better if it was just cgi with the same voice actors from the game. I always enjoyed the resident evil movies that are cgi a lot more than the theater ones because they actually feel like I'm just watching cut scenes from a game
Greyslash  +   835d ago
You know, burn me at the stake if you must, but I actually really enjoyed the new Silent Hill movie. Being a huge fan of the series, I thought it was a fine movie, and, though, not entirely true to the game's story line, was still relevant and a fun movie to watch with friends who also liked the games. I also enjoyed how they put in tiny fanboy moments to people who actually played all the games, it was a fun experience.
optimus  +   835d ago
This article is a bit one sided...i guess the writer is too young to remember the first Mortal Kombat was a massive hit pulling in over 100 mil. worldwide...as well as Tomb Raider. All the resident evils believe it or not have also made 100 mil...
Comic movies are doing well now because of the bigger budget they are given. Years ago, there were several comic movies that barely lasted 2 weeks in theatres... I recall a certain captn' america movie in the early 90's that was just embarrassing for everyone involved including the viewer...

The article mentioned the final fantasy movie that was expected to pull big numbers but left everyone asking "wtf is this crap?"...that didn't persuade studios to make any more videogame based movies...but then you have movies like wreck-it-ralph that are hits and makes the studios give games a 2nd look...
the key is to have a game movie that appeals to EVERYone and not the dedicated gamers that would be familiar with it.
Soldierone  +   835d ago
It'll never happen anytime soon, for one reason. Hollywood has no respect for video games. I'm not saying that as a gamer, I'm saying it from experience.

I'm in film school, and ALL the professors, ALL the professionals we talk to, ALL the industry people we met look down on video games. They wouldn't even teach us to properly do a video game script or character.

I always asked and showed interest in video games, and always got an answer of "don't do that, video games are too simplistic" or "it doesn't work because it doesn't develop due to the gameplay" Even when I pointed out games like MGS or Uncharted, it still had issues like PacMan for some reason.

They either choose to not respect it, since Hollywood is "proven formula" or are unable to grasp what they are. I've said it time and time again, its going to take gamers to make gaming movies, so you have to wait till our generation is old enough to be the "big wigs" in Hollywood. Comic book movies sucked too, until comic book fans took them over.
Linko64  +   834d ago
We don't need a Uncharted movie. The games are pretty much action films as it is. I'll never understand why people feel we need a video game movie when games themselves provide the same story telling experience at this point.
admiralvic  +   834d ago
Because Asura's Wrath was perfect in every way.

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