An Open Letter to Capcom

Its time to reboot Street Fighter and ill show capcom how

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wishingW3L2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

the way Capcom would do free to play would be like this:

You get 4 characters and 2 stages free and the others are $7 each and at the end the game will be much more expensive than just paying $60 for it plus the on-disc DLC.

DragonKnight2127d ago

This article sounds like one someone would make just to stretch out saying "i don't like paying for games."

Seriously, Street Fighter isn't an MMO. Why should anyone expect it to be free?

AssassinTRIP2127d ago

Someone needs to learn some basic spelling and grammer if they want to be taken seriously.

360ICE2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Wrong post for a spelling mistake.

Either that, or that was a meta-comment far too subtle for the Internet.

(I agree though, starting an article with an its/it's error is not that bright)

AznGaara2127d ago

Street Fighter was already rebooted. It was called Street Fighter 4 and it brought back the fighting game genre.

showtimefolks2127d ago

yes and i don't understand why it should be free? its capcom if you are not paying up front than they will figure out a way to get every cent out of your pocket in the long run

jc485732127d ago

how bout reviving street fighter alpha? I want to feel young again.

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The story is too old to be commented.