God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo in February

PS US Blog - Six months have passed since Kratos stood over the bodies of his wife and daughter, his hands stained with their blood – tricked by Ares into murdering the only people he ever loved. Swearing to avenge them, Kratos broke the blood oath that bound him to Ares… but oaths to Olympus are not so easily broken. This is where your journey in God of War: Ascension begins.

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sarshelyam1923d ago

Been playing this weekly thanks to its inclusion with Total Recall on Blu-Ray! So good!

Y_51501923d ago

The movie wasn't worth the full price of a blu-ray but that demo sure did justified that purchased I made! :)

sarshelyam1923d ago

I don't know...nostalgia aside, I liked the changes and thought it stood well on its own. Each stand as able representations of Sci-Fi action films for their time.

NukaCola1923d ago

I can't wait to check this demo out. The videos look incredible.

Total Recall remake was decent I guess, but it had a little of that CyberPunk/SciFi-Noir that was in Blade Runner, which I dug. As a scifi, it was mediocre. As a TR and Arnold flick, it was crap. The tri-boob and airport scene with the disguise, were both weak and poor re-imaginations of the original movie.

Ezz20131923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

guys guys
turn out the upcoming demo is not the same as E3 demo
it's something NEW with the new Improved GFX

"+ Aaron Kaufman on January 19th, 2013 at 9:44 am said:

YES, ABSOLUTELY, our Single-Player demo we will release next month is something you’ve never seen before in Ascension. The E3 SP demo was a Total Recall exclusive.

This single-player demo is the BIG ONE.


OMG ...i just CAN'T WAIT

Bathyj1921d ago

the movie wasnt too bad, but i likely wouldnt have bought it if not for the demo. sealed the deal

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aceitman1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

that statue of kratos in the collectors edition is going to look great on top oh my High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora’s Box I got from gow 3 .
and does anyone know if the bluray from the redbox rental has the demo with it.

sarshelyam1923d ago

It depends on which disc they include...but, it's on the Director's Cut disc, so I would assume there's a good chance it's there.

IAmLee1923d ago

rather excited. been bashing the beta and love it, looking forward to getting hands on with the single player. :D

Minato-Namikaze1923d ago

Don't need a demo of awesome. nothing but a tease, lol.

TheRealHeisenberg1923d ago

I'm enjoying the MP beta but single player is what I'm looking for with Kratos. Can't wait to play this demo.

Ezz20131923d ago

you guys are gonna love it
been playing it non stop
since i bought the movie total recall

Rampaged Death1923d ago

I hope it's not the E3 one although it probably will :(

Ezz20131923d ago

it will be the same as E3
and that's fine
you don't want them to spoil the game you ?!

Y_51501923d ago

The other demo (from E3) was exclusive to the Total Recall Blu-Ray.

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