US PSN users can now add funds through PayPal

In October, Sony launched a new PSN payment option in certain European countries. Funds could now be added to users’ wallets via PayPal.

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karlowma1954d ago

Nope never used to be able to, but this is pretty awesome news.

GearSkiN1954d ago

bout time. i was looking for this the other day.

Agent_00_Revan1954d ago

Hooray!! Bout time we got an alternate option

WayneKerr1954d ago

Yeah, PSN really needed this, I would trust a Ugandan more with my credit card details than Sony

DragonKnight1954d ago

Implying you're old enough to have a credit card. Because I can only fathom a child to make such a ludicrous, and incorrect troll statement.

ALLWRONG1954d ago

When PSN got hacked credit card data was a big concern for Sony. We know this because Sony said so.

DragonKnight1954d ago

Sony never said CC data was compromised. In fact they said it was encrypted. But, you're of the FUD camp that spreads misinformation and lies. The only thing Sony said MAY have been compromised was stuff like your address. In other words, public domain material. They sent messages out to everyone as a precaution even though CC data was encrypted, and NO ONE came forth with any legitimate claims against Sony and if they had, Sony would have been willing to provide up to 1 million in insurance for their losses.

So, again, children without a Credit Card shouldn't talk about the grown up world involved in owning one.

Adva1953d ago

@Dragon, please go easy on the kids. They are still learning how to use the computer. If you give them the smack-down, they may never come back again :O or they may even go complain to their parents.

ALLWRONG1953d ago

Everything I said is fact and public record, everything you said was damage control. You guys are like those Republican teabaggers when they say things like "We ain't gonna listen to no fact checkers"

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The story is too old to be commented.