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Submitted by Lavalamp 1116d ago | news

Lightning Returns Isn't The End of Fabula Nova Crystallis

IGN: "There's still hope that both Type-0 and Versus XIII will eventually release." (Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy XV, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

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zerocrossing  +   1116d ago
I have a bad feeling Type-0 may not make its way westwards, well not without issue at least, as for Versus XIII it may be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series for now, but I think many fans would like it as far removed from anything Final Fantasy XIII related as possible.
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ayabrea93  +   1116d ago
yeah I think it would be best if they changed the versus xiii name. I think this could easily be called final fantasy 15 with its ambition.
Root  +   1116d ago
You know it wouldn't surprise me, but you want to know what i think they're doing....waiting untill next gen when the nextbox can handle the game so they won't have to strip it of any content and then release it as a multi platform game....AKA, the next FF game...FF15

Nomura said he didn't want to cut anything but I think Square Enix are trying to find a loophole so they can get around Nomura's word to release it on both platforms.

Square Enix have become greedy...they would plan something like this and the FF13 games are just fillers untill next gen
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USEYOURFIST  +   1116d ago
@root, I agree, I've thought that it's been pushed to ps4 for a long time but it makes sense that it would also go 720 aswell now! Spose at least if this happens we wouldn't get a gimped game tho I do hope it stays PlayStation exclusive and is used to give the ps4 a brilliant launch exclusive, probably wishful thinking lol
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NukaCola  +   1116d ago
Square do this:

1. FFversusXIII release
2. FF Type 0 Vita release in the NA/EU
3. FF HD remake and KH2.5D finished
4. Then Kingdom Hearts III

Don't do this:
-Publish COD
-Release 50 iOS titles while abandoning everyone else
-Make another XIII game
-Lie to us over and over again
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iamtehpwn  +   1116d ago
Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be renamed FFXV? Yes.
Will it lose it's Fabula Nova Crystallis roots? Not likely.

I also do not understand why anyone hates Fabula Nova Crystallis. It's actually not bad at all then again, none of you have ever played a game in the FNC other than the Lightning Saga--if you know enough Japanese to try Type-0, then I highly recommend it.
Root  +   1116d ago

People hate it because it's just a bunch of crappy nonsense thats why and if they force it into other FF games then it's going to ruin them aswell because your always going to link it to FF13 the worst FF game out there

"Will it lose it's Fabula Nova Crystallis roots? Not likely."

Why not....they've had plenty of time to change everything.
ABizzel1  +   1116d ago

There's no point in 3rd party games being exclusive anymore, especially with the PS4 and Xbox 1080 being practically the saem console with a different OS.

And in the end it doesn't matter, because both consoles will have it, and if sales are what you care about then the PS4 version will outsell the Xbox 1080 version because of Japan.

If it's being built for the PS4 then there's a good chance it's coming to the Xbox 1080, which uses a near identical CPU and more than likely the same GPU. Only real difference is RAM.
CatXFlash  +   1115d ago
Not possible. Anyone who knows anything about XIII's story knows this just take a look at the trailer for Versus... who do you see? ..Etro she is the godess who everyone looks up to in Noctis's world. XIII's elements will be in Versus's world just with different names do to the fact that times are more modern and is set in XIII's far future.

If they were to take that out they would have to go back and re write the whole story and re do the game.

Its not impossible that they are doing that but.. it would be lame.
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badz149  +   1116d ago
not the last?
of course it won't be! looks like SE has taken a page from Activision's CoD with XIII! I totally called that there will be XIII-3 (although they changed the name to Lightning Returns) and I won't be surprised if they announce XIII-4 for next year!
Hicken  +   1116d ago
It's not the end of FNC because Versus and Type-0 are part of it.

Did you even KNOW what Fabula Nova Crystallis was before now?

Edit: after looking over more comments, it's evident how many people just don't know what the hell they're talking about, and are instead jumping on the hate bandwagon. Pathetic.
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chadwarden  +   1116d ago
Gotta have more Lighting!
Root  +   1116d ago
It better be, it's the reason I havent been as ticked off with the new Lightning game. I thought that would conlcuded the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and FF13 Versus would be renamed so it can move away from all that Fabula Nova Crystallis crap.

Seriously they've been working on it so long they have had plenty of time to remove any trace of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mytho.

Type 0 would of done the same if Square had more time but because it was nearly finished when they found out FF13 hadn't done as well as they had hoped, the only thing they could do was give it a name change.
contradictory  +   1116d ago
Square, are you fucking braindead?
nobody, NOBODY liked XIII
do you deliberately want people to stop caring about final fantasy? well good job. you're halfway there for sure.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1116d ago
It never was the last....
abc1233  +   1116d ago
Why is IGN so positive about this latest statement? He said Fabula Nova Crystallis MAY continue which is a far cry from the outright denials that VsXIII has been cancelled which they gave before.
silkrevolver  +   1116d ago
I'm convinced Versus is a next gen title at this point (if it's alive at all).

With Lightning Returns coming out in the fall (presumptively near when the next-gen consoles are coming out) I doubt Square will release Versus too close to that release date, or too close to when the next consoles come out if it's still on the PS3.

I'd be fine with it on the PS3, but I mostly just want for it to come out at all.
elda  +   1116d ago
I'll believe that a FFvsXIII is being released when I see it!! someone stated earlier Square is money hungry & if there is a FFvsXIII Square maybe waiting for next gen to release the game so it'll be on both platforms,I don't think they're going to keep it as a PS3 exclusive anymore.Whomever is running Square I'm surprise they haven't run the business in the ground yet with their poor business decisions & lack of game releases.
DigitalRaptor  +   1115d ago
It's almost as if a large many of the current Final Fantasy audience is blissfully unaware that FF XIII and its ungracious sequels are the worst Final Fantasy games in years and possibly some of the worst ever. Yet, they keep on making them, and Lightning Returns looks like the worst one of the bunch as well as Lightning being the most hollow, uninteresting lead character in an age.

Damn right it better not be the end, especially when Versus XIII hasn't even been given a final release date and we all know the potential that game carries when you compare it to XIII, XIII-2 & LR. Noctis, party, world and gameplay look 100x more interesting.
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