Five gaming enthusiast YouTube channels you should know about

Michael Cromwell writes " Gaming is incredibly entertaining, and whilst sites like ours aim to analyse and seek what little truth there is in the art-form, there are others more content with enjoying it for what it is – over many generations – bringing you the best and worst of what gaming has always been about: having fun."

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iamnsuperman1889d ago

I would add Nerdcubed to that list. His videos are pretty good and funny.

Also Ashens (even though he isn't gaming related) he does do videos on gaming knock off and other gaming related stuff.

Landshark1889d ago

My favorite is "Hey Ash Whatcha Playin".

It's made by a guy who does writing and other work for Borderlands 2 and also his sister who is the voice for Tiny Tina in the same game (her real name is Ashley).

Blacktric1889d ago

You need Classic Game Room. And only that. Nothing else can beat it.

Lord Karnage FTW!

unchartedxplorer1889d ago

Where's the yogscast? Or Roosterteeth?

SecretPsycho1889d ago

Everywhere x3 ... hence the reason they don't need to be listed

FarCryLover1821889d ago

elpresador- to watch a middle aged man scream, yell, troll, and be an idiot.

Blacktric1889d ago

Stop being a ginnygoat.

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The story is too old to be commented.