Gas Powered Games Is Going Down, Massive Layoffs Spotted

DSOGaming writes: "Sweet Mary of Jesus, now that’s a big surprise. Yesterday, we posted the first in-game ‘early’ footage of Wildman. Wildman is an RTS/RPG hybrid, that is being kickstarted by Gas Powered Games, the company behind Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege series. However, it seems that the company is going down, as the Kickstarter did not take off and as a result of that, Taylor laid off a substantial number of the team."

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majiebeast1952d ago


Is just way too much to ask for a kickstarter project.

DJ1952d ago

Not really, that's 20 people's salaries for one year.

Dasteru1952d ago

Try 30.

Most game developers do not make $4500/month