How the Xbox 360 Excelled and Failed at Delivering the Goods

"It has been many years since this current generation of consoles (for the sake of this article, the Wii for Nintendo) was released and has since sat on the market for quite a while now. We are finally entering into the realm of each major console maker releasing their next generation of consoles, with Nintendo ahead of the pack by about a year with the Wii U." |

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dazzrazz1918d ago

Another but hurt wannabe journalist.

blackbeld1918d ago

"Worst of all was the hardware, being behind-the-times when it came to formats and just the general failure rate. Once that original one goes out of warranty and they won’t fix your system for free anymore the nightmares begin; you have all of those games and no more system, so you need to replace it."

So that's the main reason they sold 70mil. 360's.

Good read, and so true.

KMCROC541918d ago

Cause he's come off sounding like entitled Tool.

r1sh121918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

This whole argument of RROD consoles are the reason for more xbox 360's being purchased is complete nonsense.

The warranty is 3 years, it extends to any replacement a customer receives. Even after the warranty is over, only refurb consoles were returned to customers so the warranty is restarted.

I do not doubt some customers will have bought a new console but it is not the major contributing factor to all sales.

The writer also goes on to say 'Great blu ray player' but physical media is pretty much dead.
Blu ray/ DVD sales have gone off the cliff, as streaming services take 1st place.
The amount Sony spent on developing blu ray, the dividends are definitely not being returned.

stage881918d ago

Nothing wrong with this article. He stated for and against, why is he butthurt?
If anything i think you are...

zerocrossing1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Anyone caught using the term "buthurt" unless either in reference to another's comment or for the sake of humour or irony, immediately loses all credibility.

B1663r1918d ago

I agree, yet disagree with your exception.


SuperSonic2661918d ago

microsoft will tumble to sony in the next generation

GusBricker1918d ago

It'll remain the same, IMO. Xbox will dominate in North America while Sony rules everywhere else.

IAMERROR1918d ago

I knew there would be Sony drones in the comments. lol Just can't stay away can we?

Xbox has 'murica down, highly unlikely that sony is going to rule in NA again. Nintendo maybe...

Sony's true strength lies in Japan and Europe (not the UK)

So no, MS isn't going to "tumble" to anyone next gen.

nintendoland1918d ago

Nintendo: does well in America and is does best in Japan
Sony: is most popular in Europe
Microsoft: is king in America.

Nintendo is hated in Europe.

TheRealHeisenberg1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I mostly agree with the failures. Just slightly disagree with the below:

"The biggest offense of the Xbox 360 was probably including a standard DVD drive and opting to sell an optional HD DVD drive while the PS3 was a bit more expensive, but included a great Blu-Ray player."

I feel games for the most part have been fine on DVD but I wonder how different would things have been if the 360 had a built-in HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Edit: I'm pretty certain that this will turn in to yet another bag on MS article. That was not the intent of my comment. Though, I like my 360, I am capable of recognizing its faults; the same goes for my PS3 and Wii. None are perfect.

ElectricKaibutsu1918d ago

I think the only difference would have been higher price and maybe slower load times. And of course you wouldn't have to change discs.

Godmars2901918d ago

More like they went with the cheapest, nosiest DVD drive they could at first. One that was prone to damage discs.

And still, if you want to stand by it using DVD as "no big deal" when they not only had to allow for installs but rewrote the system OS to remove security features to give discs just a bit more space, then you're wrong. You're just wrong.

DOMination-1918d ago

Yeah, I don't think it's made too much of a difference. I can only think of a handful of games that were on multiple disks. And in most of those cases, the disk swapping was done in a sensible way. Likewise, there's only a few titles on PS3 that's really benefited from the extra blu-ray space.

Godmars2901918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Except those "handful of games" were and are major titles like Halo, Froza and COD. The restriction of space not only effecting how games were made or how they were played, like being able to backtrack in Star Ocean, but without HHD being common to some SKUs, who could play them or certain content from them.

Likewise the extra space blu-ray offered wasn't always needed or used, but the point is it was there when it was needed.

Honestly, arguing this point is like arguing with a flat earther who refuses to accept geological data, maps and a globe while looking down on Earth from a space station.

palaeomerus1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

"The restriction of space not only effecting how games were made or how they were played, like being able to backtrack in Star Ocean"

This really ONLY affected Star Ocean 4 though implying that he problem was Star Ocean 4 rather than DVD. It was just a badly designed game. Blu-ray was mostly a waste on the PS3. The games were about the same. They didn't get any bigger or any of the other pro-Sony fantasies that were tossed around as being "the reason for blu-ray". Having two or even three discs really didn't hurt most of the games that did it at all. Sony's "advanced" tech was expensive, difficult to use, and generally didn't deliver a better experience. It was bad engineering. Hopefully Sony has learned their lesson for PS4.

Anon19741918d ago

I more or less identified with this article. I thought the DVD player would end up being a limiting factor, and if it was I didn't notice, and of the games I played I know there were multi-disk games out there, but I never came across one.

I never cared for online play that much so after a few years of XBL I just didn't feel it was worth it when I could get my infrequent online fix elsewhere for free. I had a terrible time with the hardware and with MS's customer support but I know I'm in the minority there.

It's the games that make me smile as a 360 owner. I can't imagine having missed Gears of War or Halo this gen and even though hardware issues forced my hand when it came to my console of choice, I'm glad I didn't miss out on these. I feel a bit for my PS3 only friends and family that didn't experience Gears of War or Halo.

hazardman1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Man well said. Also I think MS was already thinking digital distribution and. Didn't want to really go all in on the hd physical format.

The tech reliablity issue was an obvious FAIL!! But hey they rectified that and replaced broken systems for free in warranty window.

What was one of the biggest fail that this sony drone hating on ms didn't mention was how when the ps3 were dying they were charging $150 for replacement and go ahead and disagree because Its true it happened to me a d I just boutght new one instead!!

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MYSTERIO3601918d ago

MS have been to reliant on their sequels, yes MS have had some great exclusives but as much as i loved playing GOW and halo earlier this gen the experience has sort of worn off on me(not halo so much halo 4 was good). I hope MS doesn't keep this sequel mentality next gen and remove Gold membership from multiplayer games.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1918d ago

Uh... Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 and 3, God of War 3, LBP 2, Infamous 2, Starhawk, Resistance 2 and more.

Sequels are going to be there.

InTheLab1918d ago

4 of those are new IPs this gen and either only have sequels or are trilogies.

Gears had 4 games this gen
Halo had 4 this gen and 2 last
Fable had 3 games this gen and 1 last
Forza had 4 games this gen

And thats the point mysterio was making. Those are the staples for Xbox and MS rode them hard t his gen while offering very little of anything else aside from XBLA.

MYSTERIO3601918d ago

@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF, In the Lab is right Sony know how to create new IP in the same gen and evolve them. This gen Sony has mixed a whole host of new IP with great sequels and has kept them within a trilogy (except GOW). MS have released a few exclusive with many sequels and relied on multiplates to sell their system.

Dlacy13g1918d ago

Its an interesting idea for an article series but completely horrendous in delivery. Ultimately just feels like you are reading juniors rant he wrote as part of a school paper.

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