50 PC Exclusive Games in 2013

A selection of upcoming games that for now will only be available to PC gamers.

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1954d ago
MestreRothN4G1954d ago

No GTA 5, no The Last of Us, God of War, Gears of War etc etc etc.

Yeah, good luck with your Age of Wushus.

T9001954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yea lets not mention:

Arma 3
Command & Conquer
Comapny of Heroes 2
Dota 2
Elder Scrolls online
Starcraft 2 heart of swarm
Total war Rome 2

Dont really need GTA 5 when we will be getting Project cars.

Gears of war is on PC, no one cares about it TBH.

Personally never liked fixed view games with mindless button mashing.

fermcr1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

* Shiuuuu * Don't mention PC exclusive games. We are in N4G !

... SimCity, Fortnite, couple kickstarter games that are looking good, among many many others.

What the hell... i'm going to enjoy all the great exclusives, PC and consoles (unless they are on the WiiU, 3DS or Vita, witch i don't have nor care)

2pacalypsenow1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Your gonna compare Grand theft auto 5 with Project Cars??? , also Gears 1 is on pc 2-3 are not and the only worthy games of hype in that game are Company of Heroes 2,Starcraft and total rome, Command & COnquer is Dead and has been since Generals and Sims city is also a good one to get hyped about

Bladesfist1953d ago

Gears 1 is the best gears game I have played. Not tried 3 after how big of a letdown 2 was. I am looking forward to Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes, Total war Rome, Arma 3, DayZ and Survarium.

MestreRothN4G1951d ago

Such good games, right? bwahahaha

"Dont really need GTA 5 when we will be getting Project cars.

Gears of war is on PC, no one cares about it TBH."

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah aha

Nice self deprecating jokes.

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xPhearR3dx1954d ago

If you think GTA V wont be coming to PC down the road shortly after you're delusional. Not only that, but with mod support, GTA V will have 1,000x replayabilty over consoles. Not to mention there's hundreds of PC exclusives that will never see the light of day on consoles.

Red_Orange_Juice1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Im sure R* will hire some interns to handle PC port, so do not worry :D

omg I joke

Allsystemgamer1954d ago

Your a blind fool and the Internet is the only place you can get your angst out

Pandamobile1954d ago

You jelly, friend?

Just about every PC gamer I know has a console or two as well.

We get our Dota 2, our Survarium, our StarCraft, our Planetary Annihilation, our Arma III, our DayZ, our Fortnite (Unreal 4), our Hawken, AND we get the best versions of every multiplatform game.

I call it: having the best of both worlds.

xPhearR3dx1954d ago

Add me to that list. Recently just bought a gaming PC. I have a feeling most of my gaming will be done on PC now, but I still show my 360 some love.

pr0digyZA1954d ago

So true, I have my consoles for the exclusives, but multiplat games are always on PC.

ALLWRONG1953d ago

Seriously if you can afford a gaming PC chances are they have a console or 2.

Sarcasm1953d ago

Add me to the list.

I love my PC to death and do a majority of gaming on it, but I still have my PS3 and 360 for the console exclusives.

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PotatoClock1954d ago

Great games coming out on all systems.

Why do you feel the need to hate on one?

awi59511954d ago

I think witcher 3 is this year as well.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1954d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Why are you assuming pc gamers want all hallway environment games? Back to planetside 2.. Also horror on console is dead. look at dead space 3 the last hope. :(
PC has about 5 true survival horror games coming.

Also you an idiot if you think gta5 is not coming to pc in such a time when it is growing so much. Especially when it can make more money than ps3.

Zha1tan1953d ago

All those games you mentioned, weekend rents which can be completed and donw with in 10 hours or under.

Good luck with thinking GTA V wont release on PC, have fun with your poverty console goals of 2013.

CheexInk1953d ago

The title says *exclusives*. Even if those games did show up on PC (GTA 5 definitely will) they would be excluded from the list, genius.

kevnb1953d ago

so theres a handful of games not on pc that are actually good, so what. GTA 5 will come, just late... so we miss last of us and god of war. Gears of war isnt even looking good right now.
To be honest I do have a ps3, for god of war, last of us and ni no kuni... cant think of a reason to get a 360.

profgerbik1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

We are getting GTA V, 2 months after the console releases. Article about it around here somewhere.

ATi_Elite1953d ago

1. I want to thank IGN for putting 50 games with video on 2 pages. THANK YOU that was really easy to view and more sites need to take note of that

2. PC has NO Games LMAO, NO GTAV yeh right PC version will be the best version just like San Andreas and GTAIV were!

3. MestreRothN4G...your Post was Juvenile and very Troll-ish and I gotta shut you down.

While the very small few like you tend to Fanboy FLAIMBAIT and brag about God of War, Gears, Uncharted, etc. have you ever once thought that hey "maybe PC Gamers rather play Planetside 2, Eve Online, DayZ, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends etc." instead of those games you mentioned?

Funny thing is that it's ALWAYS the same games, Gears, God of War, a Naughty Dogg Game and they may even be clever and toss in Red Dead Redemption. LMAO!

They are great Games but people have different taste in Gaming Entertainment for example I like Hybrid FPS/RTS games and the consoles have ZERO games like those. Space Sim, consoles have NONE, 2000 MP FPS, NOPE not even close. MOBA's...again consoles NO. Player driven and controlled games Oh Hell no consoles would NEVER allow that. See my point MestreRothN4G?

Also something that I can rent and blow through in 8-10 hours doesn't appeal to me when I have games that give me 100+ hours of gaming EASILY!

PC Gaming is TOTALLY different from console gaming and the two should NEVER be compared.

Consolers enjoy Consoles for the the experience it provides and PC Gamers enjoy the PC for the Experience it has which is different from Consoles.

Besides with CLoud Gaming and Emulators.....I'll be playing those "Console Exclusives" on my PC anyway while PC Exclusives remain PC Exclusives so what was your point again cause your post now seems IRRELEVANT!

PS3 Emulator: 1. You better have a Beast of a PC 2. you better be an advance PC user 3. Learn to read Russian!

accomplish that and your on your way to playing PS3 Games on your PC and laughing at people like MestreRothN4G who know NOTHING!

Besides if I can shell out $300 for a GPU or a 1600p monitor then I can shell out $300 for a console. Use your Brain next time B4 u post!

Happy Gaming to all!

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FlyingFoxy1954d ago

I've been building PC's since early 2000, they are much more than a great game machine. I barely play consoles becauseit's so good.

GTA 5 comes to PC, if it has 50-100 player online like San Andreas it will be awesome.

Skynetone1954d ago

Might aswell add crysis 3 to that list, it will be a shadow on the consoles

coolmast3r1954d ago

They forgot to add Assetto Corsa, an awesome brand new racing simulator made exclusively for PC.

Bordel_19001953d ago

Thanks for the tip on AC. Looks very good, looking forward to hearing more about it.

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