Playeressence VidCast Episode 17 'Well Excuse Me Kerrigan'

Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler are joined by Atrain for the first time in a few months. The team also discusses the latest rumored specs of the PS4 and Xbox 720. Plus Uncharted 3 vs Halo 4.

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BattleAxe1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Good show guys!

Good to see that you're expanding your horizons Hero :D

I just want to make some comments regarding the part of the show where you talk about fanboyism. There are people like myself who don't necessarily hate a certain brand, but who are more interested in the gaming industry as a whole, who find the technology, the quality of the games, the number of exclusives, price points, sales numbers and the comparisons to be very interesting. When someone decides to enter into a discussion on the business/economic or technological side of things, they refuse to listen to reasonable points of discussion or scrutiny which may clash with their brand loyalty, simply because they can play Super Mario Bros. on their WiiU for example, which of course has nothing to do with the business or technological side of the discussion. This causes the defensive fanboy to lash out with insults aimed at the other consoles, which usually have no basis in reality, or relevance to most discussions.

I've always been the type of person who has usually purchased one console and stayed with it until the following generation of consoles are released. When the current generation of consoles came around, I was busy playing Socom on my PS2, and was all around really happy with my experience on the PS2. I was interested in the 360, especially when I noticed the graphical leap, but I was so into Socom that I felt I could wait until Sony released the PS3 to better compare the two consoles and make my decision from there.

Long story short, when I compared the two consoles, the technology on the PS3 seemed far more advanced with Blu-Ray playback, Bluetooth technology, 4 USB ports, web browser (as antiquated as it was), multimedia memory card slots ect...ect... The promise of a Socom game on the PS3 (which was never properly realized), unreliability of the 360 and free online services on PS3 were fairly big factors in my decision making. So, the point I'm trying to make is that there is nothing wrong with being a single console owner, especially if you've been able to make all of the right comparisons in order to make a proper purchase decision. I fondly look back on my decision in early 2007 to purchase a PS3 as the right decision.

I should mention however, that I broke my "one console per generation only rule", and bought an XBOX 360 Slim for $100.00 from a friend last May, which is in perfect condition, and only had around 10 hours of gameplay on it since it was being used mainly to watch the odd movie on Netflix. I bought a Gold Membership, purchased Gears 1, Gears 2, Halo: Reach, and the system came with Alan Wake and Forza 3 for free. I think the system is nice, and works very well, but I have to say that I regret paying the $60.00 membership fee. The 360 really doesn't offer much that the PS3 doesn't offer equally in terms of services or 3rd party games. I realize that some 3rd party games play better on the 360, but if you were never to play them side by side, the average consumer would never know the difference.

Since Microsoft appears to be moving more towards the casual game market, and has not really invested much into their first party games, I would have to say that I am leaning more towards another Sony console. But in reality, we don't know what Microsoft has up their sleeve, so I suppose I should keep an open mind until all of the official announcements are made. It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft will continue to charge for their LIVE service, or if they will move towards a PS+ type of model.

Theyellowflash301946d ago

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with what you said completely. Microsoft is not the supreme anymore when it comes to online. Sony and Nintendo are right there. Microsoft is basically charging you to play games online. Nobody would purchase Xbox Live if you could play games online for free.

I will purchase a PS4 next generation and I'll wait for a hefty price drop on the Xbox 720.