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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review | GameTrailers

GameTrailers: "What’s most surprising about Ni no Kuni is how it manages to feel refreshing while still faithfully harkening back to the classics. The payoffs are immense for those who tough out its more challenging portions, though its world is so striking and rewarding to explore that you shouldn’t have any trouble mustering the motivation. If you have any sort of appreciation for a great RPG, look no further than Ni no Kuni." (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3) 9.3/10

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Abash  +   556d ago
Great score, cant wait to play this masterpiece on Tuesday. We have a contender for GotY already
Julie  +   555d ago
Ya but i can't see anymore vid reviews too many spoilers! D:
The 1st 5 secs of that review ... guys don't watch! omg spoiled i believe something important near the ending nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo
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blitz0623  +   555d ago
Thanks for the warning, though I never really watch video reviews

I honestly didn't expect this game to score this well. It's like Demon's Souls, InFamous and Valkyria Chronicles - under the radar exclusives that nobody cared about until seeing the reviews. While this game certainly had hype before the reviews, it definitely is getting more recognized now
bunfighterii  +   555d ago
Game Trailers ALWAYS have major spoilers in their reviews. Thanks for the warning, almost fell for it again.

This wouldn't be the first time they've tripped me up.
Gregard  +   555d ago
Dude I think that scene is right at the beginning of the game. Don't worry :)
Nexgensensation  +   555d ago
This game will be a huge threat to my social life
and when a game is a threat to your social life; I'm talking about staying home, not going to the movies, no taking care of business. All you would want to do is play this game until you see purple spots.
Blastoise  +   555d ago
I still can't get over how epic the graphics are..
BanBrother  +   555d ago

The graphics have truly hypnotized me. Beautiful art. This is already a major GOTY contender, and I personally hope for it to beat out some of this years big blockbuster titles. My PS3 never gets a rest lol, only the start of the year and already this. Plus, it is summer here and there are 30-40 degrees Celsius days consistently.

That is why I bought a fan. I call it the Ni No fan. Nice breeze.
clearelite  +   555d ago
The graphics are definitely epic. Further proving that the PS3 will indeed live up to it's planned 10+ year lifecycle.

Imagination and creativity enable devs to make use of older hardware and create amazing experiences.

I hope this game inspires other devs to take chances and make use of what is already availble to them...

....instead of asking for top notch hardware before learning how to create unique games first.
Ezz2013  +   555d ago

games like the last of us,god of war ascension(dat trailer @_@),beyond two souls,ni no kuni etc and i know more will come to ps3

prove ps3 can go on for years even beyond the 10 years plan ..of course along with ps4 whenever that come out
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GuyManDude  +   555d ago
Agreed. And while this isn't really on topic, I can't help but daydream at what an Okami sequel would look like on PS3 or even PS4.

Cartoon style and cell shaded games look so beautiful when done right.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   555d ago
This is one of those rare games that appears to be the complete package. From what I have heard, the soundtrack is stunning too and compliments the graphics perfectly. This game has one of the most unique art styles I have seen in a while. Can't wait for Tuesday!
hulk_bash1987  +   555d ago
Tuesday hurry up and get here already. Holy crap this is gonna be worth the wait.
xursz  +   555d ago
Aside from the significant spoiler (early in game, but still) this was the best review i've seen of Ni No Kuni.

*despite not giving the highest score or highlighting the most positives. It was just a solid outline of things I'd want to know about before purchasing (minus oblivious spoiler). Kudos GT and of course Level 5 and Studio Ghibli. Preodered and paid.
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Ranma1  +   555d ago
Great score
Godchild1020  +   556d ago
This review and the many other reviews has me questioning the review of the reviewer from Gameinfromer.

For anyone that has Preordered the game as GameStop, check your receipts to see if it says "No Premium (No Pr)." if it does, you won't be able to get the steel case.
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Enemy  +   555d ago
The way I see it, Game Informer is a magazine that for some reason believes Mass Effect has continuously improved as a franchise. They've rated the games on a perfect or near perfect basis. Meanwhile, a lot of people disagree with them and wish the franchise would go back to its roots.

When it comes to reviews, read carefully and realize that one writer contributing his opinion to a gaming publication still only counts as one opinion against many. They could have writers on their staff that disagree with their current review for all we know.

As for this GT review, I'm legit surprised. They tend to slam everything that isn't a FPS.
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joab777  +   555d ago
That gave it to me when i pre ordered. Now it sits here empty. And yeah game informer has me perplexed. Wish i had done amazon though as the griffin looks sweet. But i had money sitting there that paid for most of the game and guide. Maybe they will make it dlc though i doubt it. I cannot wait.
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Kamikaze135  +   556d ago
Just a few more days....
KING85  +   555d ago
Not really much of a JRPG fan, but this game looks pretty cool. I could have seen this also being released on the Vita. Would be cool to play at home and play on the go. Maybe in the future.
Minato-Namikaze  +   555d ago
No idea why they gave the 3ds a release and not the vita....
Enemy  +   555d ago
Ni no Kuni on the DS isn't even the same game.
knifefight  +   555d ago
1) Regular DS, not 3DS
2) It was like 2010. There WAS no 3DS or Vita yet.
3) ...The audience for the game was on DS, not PSP (or later, Vita).
4) As has been said, it's not even the same game. There's a game called "Metal Gear Solid" on the Game Boy Color. Do you think that's the same as the PlayStation game? Do you? Come on now.
Minato-Namikaze  +   555d ago
Missed the point completely a nintendo handheld got a release and not the vita or psp. Would be better for cross platform fearures dont you think? P.S. I didnt say it was the same game i was saying it got a release of Ni No Kuni(DS or otherwise).
knifefight  +   555d ago
The use of the touchscreen was integral to the gameplay of the DS version. It couldn't have been done in its same form on the PSP. "Crossover features" don't appeal to a lot of people as they stopped playing the handheld, you know, three years ago.

A Vita port, 3 years after its initial release would be pointless as it would't sell.

I think this comes down to you not liking Nintendo more than really thinking a Vita release for this game would do anything other than sink Namco a bunch of money in the hole.
profgerbik  +   555d ago
Yea I wish it was on the Vita also. Would've made a nice bundle or system seller.

Although I understand why they wouldn't want to take a chance with a game like this on the Vita right now, hopefully later is right.
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RogueStatus28  +   555d ago
Can't wait for the Wii U/ 3DS versions
Blastoise  +   555d ago
Good luck with that...
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RogueStatus28  +   555d ago
Will likely come to Wii U.
Treian  +   555d ago
LOL. It took like 1 year for this game to be localized for the ps3. it won't happen.
Godchild1020  +   555d ago
Here is why it won't come to the Wii U; By the time the game is released in Japan the PS3 version of the game will be 29.99-39.99(US, I don't know Yen) if it's not that price already. How many people will be willing to purchase a game that cost 20-30 dollars more, when they can get it on a system they might already own and for a cheaper price. How many people picked up the PS3 version, when they knew the DS was cheaper (Just over 200k, when the DS is already at over 500k(Vgchartz, take as you will)).

That can be the case in NA as well. Just look how well the other third party games have sold on the Wii U so far. Since they are on other systems for a cheaper price, now many people will purchase it and I doubt Level 5 can add more Single player content to this game, but I can be wrong.

I believe the same can be said about the 3DS version, when you think of the DS version that has been out for over 3 years. The people that wanted to play that game, has and only a handful of people will pick it up again just to play it.

It works out for the PS3 users in NA and EU, because we didn't get the DS version.
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clearelite  +   555d ago
Please bookmark this page so that if/when it doesn't come out for WiiU, you can look back and see why it's not always smart to make assumptions.

Also, the 3DS couldn't run this game, it would have to be completely overhauled.

The Wii U and 3DS will likely have their own amazing games released.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Vita cross buy for this though :]
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ErazorDJ  +   555d ago
NiNoKuni has logo 'only on playstation'.
strigoi814  +   555d ago
Oh my felt excited for tuesday..im like a kid waitin for xmas eve
SAE  +   555d ago
How old are you ?. i kind of feel like im too old for this game even though im only 18 years old xD ...

but im keeping money for it. just trying to convince myself that this game not only for kids . i love dark cloud so i want to give this game a chance ..
Godchild1020  +   555d ago
If you love your mother you will get this game. But really, if you like story driven titles and want a game that has a connection, not just the main character but the people the character meets, I think this game is worth looking forward too.

I'm sure the story is deep, but what you can get out of the story is worth playing to find out.

The love of a boy to save his Mother. I have connection to Oliver and the story and that's why I'm excited.
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SAE  +   554d ago
definitely gonna buy it . i love my mother ^^
Relientk77  +   555d ago
I'm glad to see this game getting the recognition it deserves
VsAssassin  +   555d ago
This screams GotY! I want The Last of Us to win GotY but since ND already won many GotYs with UC2 and UC3, I'd rather Level 5 get it this time. Come to think of it, we haven't had a GotY that's from a Japanese developer for a long time. I believe Okami was the last one in 2006.
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Godchild1020  +   555d ago
I think every PS3 Exclusive has a chance of winner an award from somewhere this year. The 360 has Gears to earn a Shooter award. And the Wii U has the chance of returning classics award and a few other awards as well. Remember I'm talking just exlcuisves and games that we know that are coming this year.

I would love for Ni No Kuni to win GOTY, at least Best Original Score, or Best RPG.
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StrawberryDiesel420  +   554d ago
From Software is a Japanese developer and Gamespot gave Demon's Souls GOTY in 2009.
VsAssassin  +   554d ago
Oh yeah! I completely forgot. However, though Demon's Souls was also my GotY that year, and Gamespot's, it didn't get other many of the other sites' GotY. I will vote for NNK to be this year's GotY if I get the chance.
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StrongMan  +   555d ago
Day one.
silkrevolver  +   555d ago
So upset that I didn't pre-order this in time for the case...
ajax17  +   555d ago
I honestly was expecting this game to be the first game to get a perfect 10 in the Presentation category. WTF GT is NO game worthy of a 10 for presentation!?!
Sci0n  +   555d ago
Was playing the demo and it caught my wife's attention from a far. She said that's a cool looking cartoon what show is it and I said its not a show its a game babe and she was blown away.
arbitor365  +   555d ago
i think we can all agree that game informer and their 7/10 score for this game are full of S***
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oakshin  +   555d ago
yea the guy at gameinformer sure is in a corner by himself without a doubt

i do wish this game was more mature but o well its still 1st on my gamefly

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