Disgaea Dimension 2 screenshots

Take a look at a bunch of screenshots from Disgaea Dimension 2.

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Snookies122011d ago

Valvatorez better be a secret party member... Just saying...

wishingW3L2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

this game hyped me so bad that I paid $15 for Disgaea Hour of Darkness to play its pre-quel in anticipation. D2 seems really unique compared to the other Disgaea games if you ask me.

AznGaara2011d ago

I've played and bought the orginal Disgaea so many times its not even funny. When it was originally released on Ps2. Then the release on Vita. The most recently release Ps2 classic (since my launch Ps3 died) and as a Psp download on my Vita.

So yeah I am definitely pump for its sequel. The first Disgaea is on of my top 5 games of all time.

AznGaara2011d ago

Oops typo, I meant Ps2, PsP UmD, PsP download on Vita and Ps2 Classic on Ps3.

Hanso2011d ago

i want this on my vita
where is Disgaea 4 vita ???