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4 Major Changes Coming to Dead Space 3

The Dead Space Series has been known for its scary gameplay. With plenty of jump scares and a perfect tone of atmosphere, one has to wonder why major changes are coming to the series. Let’s take a look at 4 Major Changes Coming to Dead Space 3. (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

yeahokchief  +   826d ago
There is only 1 major change that can sum up all of the changes.

It is no longer survival horror.

The developers themselves specifically called it action horror. Action horror equates to action game. I don't want to play another action game. I wanted to play a survival horror game. Thanks ya greedy jerks. All fired up to play a space alien game after watching Prometheus and you decide to pull an EA on the third game in the series and ruin the franchise for the actual fans of the game to appeal to ignorant masses. Thanks for the fan appreciation.

I know where my money isn't going.
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8bitHero  +   826d ago
also expect this to be the last in the series. what was it EA was expecting this game to sell, like 5 million? fat chance
ShugaCane  +   826d ago
I know where my money is going : Amnesia a Machine for Pigs.
Enemy  +   826d ago
Was Dead Space ever really survival horror, though? I never, in any of the games, felt like I was going to be trapped in a situation where I might not have enough ammo to continue. Real "survival" horror should get you into situations like that at all times, reaching a point where you'll need tactical strategy to continue.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls have been the finest examples of that this gen and they're not even considered survival RPGs. There's no such thing. Maybe we need to rename or create new genres to get the point across more clearly.

I play Dead Space for the story and setting. I can't bash the game for something it never was to begin with. The Last of Us seems to be headed in the direction of your interest, though.

Edit: Amnesia is another good example.
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da_2pacalypse  +   826d ago
Play Dead space 1 or 2 on the hardest difficulties... It's Survival Horror.
Greyslash  +   826d ago
^This, I agree, I never found Dead Space to be a Survival Horror game. I was never strapped for ammo, and I honestly didn't dread every single monster fight like I should have been. It was more of a shooter than anything else.
MaleManSam  +   826d ago
Would you really like to see Issac or another person in another area of the Dead Space cannon just run through another lifeless ship, or underground compound?

They are trying something new and I commend them for it, we got two excellent games with the survival horror aspect and I for one am glad that they are changing it up. It's the same Alien to Aliens (Alien 2) progression.

Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Can't wait for this game.
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guitarded77  +   826d ago
Well, all of the Dead Space games have been action horror. There are none of the run and hide moments of a survival horror game in any of the Dead Space games, so knocking on it for not being survival horror isn't really fair to the developers. Knocking on it for going co-op focused is quite reasonable though. The thing that made Dead Space a horror game was the isolated experience, which the first game captured very well. Dead Space 2, not as much... and Dead Space 3 going co-op completely takes that solitude away. I'll still play it because I love co-op, but I will not pre-order, because I just don't see it as a must play, the way I would if it was designed around the isolated experience like Dead Space 1 was.
Mutant-Spud  +   826d ago
Yeah the first two were claustrophobic at times but not really survival horror and they had a new game plus option for the harder difficulties, which isn't really pushing the player too hard on replay. I thought they were above average science fiction games in that the science was believable, the gameplay was solid and the story was interesting.
Has anyone seen the 80's Sci Fi movie Outland, where Sean Connery plays a cop stationed on a drilling rig on one of Jupiter's moons? That's the feel I get from Dead Space, it's tense, with a few scares and a story that reveals itself gradually. For me Dead Space will most likely be a mid year sale purchase but I'm interested to see how it goes.
2pacalypsenow  +   826d ago
was gonna pre order this but after playing the demo ill wait till its on sale or buy it pre owned since i dont care about online
dazzrazz  +   826d ago
Same here, all this shooter stuff put me off,
dlpg585  +   826d ago
i think the whole weapon crafting idea is cool for the survival genre. i'd love to play a game where a pistol is rare and bullets are extremely so while you constantly have to create new weapons that are pretty weak against the enemies. i have an idea in my mind of stabbing through an enemy with a railroad spike just to buy time to run away.
Perjoss  +   826d ago
From watching the various trailers i think they should rename the game to:

Dead Space 3: Lost Planet
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dgonza40  +   826d ago
The most accurate title.
IK IR Y IP T  +   826d ago
Been playing the demo for almost a week game is amazing esp the weapon crafting game is going to sell well regardless of u like it or not
Perjoss  +   826d ago
The way things are going these days, Mirror's Edge 2 will probably be an action RPG with a cover system and no melee attacks or free running :D
SlowBurn  +   826d ago
Dead Space was decent,DS2..,not so much.
various reasons that I won't waste time elaborating on but 'feel' was lost in translation.
Hopefully,DS3 is more like DS.
tubers  +   826d ago
I saw it coming.. DeAD Space 1 was scarier that it was more desolate and much more devoid of people.. Dead Space 2.. meh..

That being said, I enjoy blasting necromorphs! I'm still gonna play this game!
CYBERHATER  +   826d ago
I just saw Issac get swallowed whole by a space monster and then it secreted digestive juices on him. If that is not horrifying I don't know what is. A lot of people are bashing this game because it's EA which I understand by way but I'm sorry, I can't wait for this game and will give credit where it is due.
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   826d ago
I can understand all this and wanting to appeal to everyone but WHY in the f...ing space you need co-op focused game like this -_- and human enemies REALLY ?! NOT EVERY GAME NEEDS TO BE LIKE GoW OR CoD FFS !!! I gotta say in the past 10 years the quality and uniqueness of the games has dropped... ofc not all games but about 30% of them.


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