Five Franchises that Must in Disney Infinity

Davis from Denkiphile Gaming: "With the announcement of Disney Infinity, many longtime Disney fans are downright giddy. The opportunity to play as almost any Disney franchise on almost any home console. The initial series announced to be part of the game's lineup - The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Pirates of the Carribean - already make up a diverse cast of favorites that all disney fans will be able to appreciate. We can only imagine what else Disney will have in store for us when the game comes, but here's five titles that will be absolutely indispensible in making Disney Infinity the premier Disney title, regardless of age."

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PS4isKing_821917d ago

I think you forgot the "be" in that title Lol :)

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Who approves stuff with blatant spelling errors in the title?

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Dont look at mee id nevar do that

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Tron could have been a lot better than it is now.

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Ralph was seen at the end of the trailer, so he is in.