Sony Bend’s Vita Game to Have Online Multiplayer, Suggests Job Listing

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was one of the Vita’s best games of 2012, showing that a mini-Drake can be just as sexy. Sadly, the game had no online component, so we couldn’t make use of the Vita’s utterly ignored online capabilities. That may be all set to change, though, as we’ve uncovered that developer Sony Bend’s next game will probably include online multiplayer.

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Foolsjoker1924d ago

Does this mean more Drake?!

doctorstrange1924d ago

I can never have too much Drake

sinncross1924d ago

Maybe it is Bends on creation: Syphon Filter?

CaptCalvin1924d ago

Which is what I rather want. They need to let Bend work own their own franchises again, instead of having them try to imitate other studios' franchises.

pain777pas1923d ago

@CaptCalvin you're right. It would be great for them to work on their own IP and build the brand again on the Vita. Using NDs engine should produce something special to say the least.

TrendyGamers1924d ago

It would be nice to have mp in a Golden Abyss sequel.

brettyd1924d ago

Vita really needs a good MP game, Socom would be awesome.

TheGrimOfDeath1924d ago

We are getting Killzone Mercenary, I hope it's going to be the beginning of great FPS games for the Vita.

brettyd1923d ago

@thegrimofdeath Yea but im talking about SOCOM not an FPS.

ftwrthtx1924d ago

Why can't they add MP to Golden Abyss as a downloadable update?

Y_51501924d ago

Uncharted multiplayer on the go is ideal!
I would love that.

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The story is too old to be commented.