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Thatguy-3101954d ago

There is no "Real" review. Everyone has a different opinion. Don't see why it's hard to believe that people actually enjoyed the game. It's there opinion let them express it.

DragonKnight1954d ago

Not hard to believe people enjoyed the game, hard to swallow all the reviews that repeat the same things and praise a game for the same problems present in Ninja Gaiden 3. DmC is not a 4 out of 5 or a 9 out of 10 game. Saying that it is shows a hypocrisy that exists in reviews. Adam Sessler again says it better himself with this video.

Panthers1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Everything Ive heard from friends is that this game is great. A lot better than I anticipated, even if you dont consider the new look. I havent tried it myself however, but my friends have good taste. I feel that people are bashing the game before giving it a fair chance. I am going to have to try it.

1954d ago
N4GDgAPc1954d ago

Because they like DmC better than Ninja Gaiden 3. Is that hard to believe to? They might have the same complaints between the 2 but how one game executes is better than the other.

Skyrim is a bug fest with problems why are scores still high on it? Because deep down its still a great game.

Stop making this stupid theories when majority of people are agreeing its a great game. And its not real review its a opinion.

I disagree with everything he is saying. I think it was a good story. I like the new Dante. His personality wasn't to different to me compared to the original. I didn't see anything wrong with the dialouge. Some cheesy lines but they were great to me. Its funny because original always made cheesy lines to.

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Elda1954d ago

DAMN!!!.....Get over it already!

DragonKnight1954d ago

Coming from the person who overhypes this game and acts as though it's giving them an orgasm every 3 seconds?

N4GDgAPc1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


So now becasue u disagree with what he is saying and all he says is good things about it makes him overhype it?

Thats just stupid. All he ever said was his opinion on he likes it alot. U constantly rampage to prove that its not a good game trying to change our opinions. So what does that make u?

I would rate the game 9/10 myself so was I paid by Capcom to tell you that?

SkullBlade1691954d ago

I'm still a bit annoyed as I really liked the original style over this, but to be honest this game is actually fun.

Hopefully they will revisit the original series at some point in the future, but I do like this game as well.

Elda1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago ) is 3 more seconds.....give it up!! you're so far gone with your supposedly hate obsession with DmC,for all we know you're probably playing this game,because you absolutely have a CRAZY HARD ON for this game,no one cares about your one video review or your negative worthless rants,I do & will praise this game in every article that praises DmC because it's the thing you can do when someone likes a game,I can see if an article is bashing the game then you can bash all you want but majority of these articles are praising it & miserable you wants to come in & disrupt the positive energy with your psychotic bs!......please go somewhere & get laid. @N4GDgAPc thanxs for the comment.

pandehz1953d ago

Yea every dmc review is now dominated by haters it seems.

I cant even make a positive comment or initiate an interesting debate in the comments section or just plainly discuss the game without someone trolling my space.


I laughed at the wig scene 'not in a million years' xD