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6 Horror Games And The Studios That Should Make Them

Dead Pixels pairs some of the biggest horror games with developers they think would make fantastic horror games! A Ninja Theory developed Silent Hill? How about a Naughty Dog developed Resident Evil? Read on for more! (Arkane Studios, Culture, Grasshopper Manufacture, Naughty Dog, Ninja Theory, PC, PS3, Remedy Entertainment, Telltale Games, Xbox 360)

RogueStatus28  +   799d ago
Naughty Dog developing Resident Evil... No thanks.
Riderz1337  +   799d ago
I know right! The thought of them actually making a good Resident Evil game frightens me! LOL sorry I'm just trolling. Resident Evil sucked after 4.
dboyc310  +   799d ago
Exactly. I feel that they just need to reboot that series and start the story again from the beginning. The first few games really were good and remaking them to look like today's game would make it more amazing
THC CELL  +   799d ago
A good horror game, they should make Freddy vs Jason vs ash vs mike
Treian  +   799d ago
Amnesia devs should make a Resident Evil game...
RustedMan  +   799d ago
What a horrible list...
The only one I agree with is Remedy making a Fatal Frame game. Everything else is nonsensical.
r21  +   799d ago
This is one wish list that will never happen :L
zerocrossing  +   799d ago
I don't think Western devs should touch Fatal Frame, it's a great franchise because the horror style is very much Japanese in its presentation and execution.

Look at the Western attempts at re-imagining the Ring and Grudge, they pail in comparison to the originals because the East and West present horror in subtlety different yet easily noticeable and ways.
iweiooisdhf   799d ago | Spam
alegolo  +   799d ago
horrible list

''hey guys let's give horror franchises to studios that have never worked on a horror game, can't go bad right?''
kma2k  +   799d ago
Just give me a damn adam wake 2 thank you!
No Way  +   798d ago
Give you what? Adam? Adam Wake? 2? Where is the first Adam Wake?

Aaah.. you mean Alan Wake 2, sir.
kma2k  +   798d ago
Yea I realised I typed it wrong after an hour and it wouldn't let me edit lol
Greyslash  +   799d ago
>Ninja Theory Devolped Silent Hill.
You're kidding right, I reallyyy don't want Silent Hill to be turned into a mediocre hack and slash.
TheMutator  +   799d ago
Visceral game for resident evil
DeletedAcc  +   798d ago
The last of us is a little bit horrorlike
cogniveritas  +   798d ago
I wasn't a fan of Konami/Zombie Studios version of SAW. The movie franchise (especially the first two) are more character and story driven. I would like to see Telltale take on the SAW franchise. I'm sure they could turn some of the suspense of the choice making and traps into some horrific moments for the gamer after seeing how they handled The Walking Dead.

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