Could A PS4 Announcement Be Only Weeks Away? Could a PS4 announcement be only weeks away? According to some that’s very much the case. Let’s get something out of the way first, this isn’t some kind of Masonic Gamer exclusive but I have been browsing the web and some interesting news has been emerging regarding the PS4. It would be silly to turn a blind eye to this kind of news.

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a_bro1917d ago

wouldnt really say steal..More like catching the consequences before its too late.

Akuma-1917d ago

i cant wait for a real next gen console not that any is out yet but ive been eagerly waiting for about two years. i cant wait for the ps4.

im having a lot of fun with the few bits of high quality games offered on the pc. asus v ex.,i7 2600k, 3 gtx 580. i love bf 3 on pc on ultra which i think is the only way worth playing that game, witcher 2 on ultra, diablo 3, skyrim and a few others. i cant wait for crysis 3 to be released so i can see how taxing it is on my pc. i cant wait til i have a ps4 where everything is more unified ad i cant wait for the amazing exclusives that sony is known to release in abundance on their systems.

jujubee881917d ago

I waited for years before the PSP2 (aka PS VITA) was revealed.

Video games are such a compelling form of entertainment media that companies can literally ask its audience for a large chunk of their time and money while walking the fine line of producing a flop service or product each time out.

Looking forward to see what the next generation of gaming offers!

dougr1917d ago

I'm a PC gamer myself Akuma, but what is the point of your post? It has absolutely nothing to do with the article, nor does anyone care about your PC specs in a comment section about the ps4.

NameRemoved00171917d ago

Akuma, those spec are more than enough to be running next gen games maxed no need to buy a PS4 except for the awesome exclusives :)

Monolith1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )


Actually Akuma does. Akuma states it in his first paragragh, that he cannot wait for the ps4. "I can't wait for a real next Gen console not that any is out yet but I've been eagerly waiting for about two years. I can't wait for the PS4."
Last I checked the articles title posted;
"Could a ps4 announcement be only weeks away."

nirwanda1916d ago

The biggest boost your PC will get will be from the arrival of next get as you wont just be getting frame rate boost and higher res, devs will make games to support better speced pcs only and tie them in the new consoles

decrypt1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Must be hard being locked down to the same hardware for 6 years.

Imagine owning the same Cellphone for 6 years lol.

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IAmLee1916d ago

Tbh, i'm happy with my ps3. A lot of quality games coming out in a short period of time, don't get me wrong, it's good to wonder what the PS4 can bring, but right now, I'm happy with my Fat PS3. :')

killalot1001917d ago

I'm getting really bored of this gen. We need new systems!!

1917d ago
GuyManDude1916d ago

Bored? BORED?!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
Dead Space 3
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Bioshock Infinite
God of War: Ascension
Grand Theft Auto V
Dead Island: Riptide
The Last of Us
Gears of War: Judgement
Tomb Raider
Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Surely there must be a few games in that list you'll play. Personally I'm buying 7 games in that list (the first six and TLoU).

But then comes the summer drought, and I'll probably be begging for new consoles then.

Ezz20131916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

you guys bored ??!!

i'm having the best time of my life with ps3
the exclusives games coming for ps3 this year prove that ps3 can hold on for years to come
when it come to gfx and AI

if ps4 will come let it come ...but ps3 still have lot's of life in it
BTW i will still buy ps4 day one

grailly1916d ago

yep that's a great list of games, it's just that except for tlou they're all sequels. new consoles also (surely) means new IPs that's what we're looking forward to.

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Conzul1917d ago

You can be assured that it won't happen before May 7th.

1917d ago
GribbleGrunger1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Yeah, and stop the momentum the exclusives for the PS3 will create.

edit: I didn't say it wouldn't happen, I'm just not sure it would be a good idea.

StreetsofRage1917d ago

I kinda agree. If they show ps4/720 gameplay at this year's E3 and it blows away current games, I might lose interest this gen.

Personally I'm pretty excited. I want to see some damn next gen footage!!!! I'm ready!

Conzul1917d ago

*COUGH* Watch Dogs *COUGH*

GribbleGrunger1917d ago

That's what I don't really understand myself. I'm excited this year but not because the PS4 could be announced but because of all the great PS3 exclusives. To each his own as they say, but PS4 isn't even on my radar to be honest.

ZoyosJD1917d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. With Ni No Kuni in a couple of days; Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 in Feb; GOW:A, Bioshock Infinite in March; Dead Island: riptide in April, and the Last of Us in May they just can't afford to make an announcement before E3. Not only would that result in a loss of sales for their own games, but for a couple other BIG developers/publishers (EA, 2k games, techland) and others just the same. Results being devs/pubs being pissed at a company that needs their help starting a new gen. Not going to happen.

If anyone else seriously believes the games will sell regardless, they need to consider all the gamers who are going to stop buying as much to save up for new consoles.

Campy da Camper1917d ago

What they need to do is some sort of voucher. For every ps3 exclusive you bought get a 15 buck credit towards the new console.

Omar911917d ago


Lmao! yea and my dad is kevin butler

1917d ago
ZoyosJD1917d ago

@Marcus...If you were to buy all the games I just listed band new and only those, it would cost you $420. That's nearly the cost of a new console. They want people to spend their money on games now and save when their are no new games to buy. That way as much money as possible goes into the gaming sector. You'd also be surprised how many people don't start saving until there is an official announcement.

ILive1917d ago

I understand and at the same time dont understand when people say announcing a sucessor console will affect the software sales of the current console. When the Ps3 was announced, it didnt stop me from buying the games i wanted for the xbox or ps2. I just learned how to save better before the console came out. I didnt make that much back then, but i would always put 15 dollars away every week until it released. I did this for 12 months. I also do this for games that i really want release day. I start putting away 4 dollars every week four and a half months prior to their release. Its worked well for me. Not everyone can do this though.

MasterCornholio1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

"that result in a loss of sales for their own games, but for a couple other BIG developers/publishers (EA, 2k games, techland) and others just the same."

There is one way to avoid this. And thats by making the PS4 backwards compatible with PS3 games that way when you buy a game like the Last of Us you dont have to worry about not being able to play it on the PS4.

@Old McGroin

Bad move McGroin. You should have waited for the announcement of the PS4 and 720 before making that move.

GuyManDude1916d ago

People will have from June to November to save (6 months). People who are employed will have no problem saving enough for launch consoles. Younger people who can only save $30 or so a month could still get to $200-$250 and go 50/50 with their parents for Christmas.

I think that if they do announce the PS4/Orbis/etc in just a few weeks that they'd be really smart to then drop the PS3 to $200. That would offset any losses in sales with new buyers.

We'll all have to wait and see.

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SignifiedSix1917d ago

wish they would both get announced in weeks. I'm also sick of this gen...

NameRemoved00171917d ago

PC is getting some next gen games this year, the wait is almost over :)

Old McGroin1917d ago

100% agreed. I'm so bored of this gen that I traded in my 360 for a Wii U for Christmas just to have something different! Still have my PS3 for this gens multiplats but Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will make my Wii U purchase worth it a hundred times over.

dkgshiz1917d ago

The Wii U in terms of specs is just a 7th gen console. Its what the original wii should have been. I don't see how one game can justify a $300+ purchase but its your money.

Old McGroin1917d ago

@ dkgshiz

It's what they call a system seller, as in a game that someone wants so much that they will buy the console just to play it. I'm not the first person to do this and I won't be the last. And I have a feeling that there will be more than one game released on the Wii U in its lifetime :)

bigfish1917d ago

The PS3s got at least a years worth of mileage left, and even two if you were to push it

GribbleGrunger1917d ago

So you think that the PS3 could be around for 8 years but the PS2 was around for 12 years and the PS1 was around for 10 years. I'd say it's more or less a given that the PS3 will be around for at least 12 years.

GuyManDude1916d ago

I think bigfish meant at least one more year of strong developer support and hardware optimization, which sounds about right. If Sony's next console does in fact launch late this year, I don't expect many first party games for PS3 in 2014.

My guess is the PS3 from 2014 to end of cycle would get mostly sports games and PSN games, with the occasional 3rd party port. This was the case with the PS2 after the PS3 launch (with the exception of God of War II).

killalot1001917d ago

So be it. I still played my ps2 games 2 years in with my ps3. The New systems are going to have to be released eventually.

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