Brash Games’ Top 8 Boss Battles

Brash Games writes "So, I was really enjoying Sonic Generations; the Sega blue skies, the raft of nostalgia, the relative return to form of my favourite gaming mascot…..then the last boss happened. Well, actually, the last two bosses happened to be precise".

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Donnywho1918d ago

Great list. The Boss was the boss of all bosses.

andrewer1918d ago

Great Article! I Agree with all the ones I've played. Shadow of Colossus, you got a good point, because it doesn't matter if there are other colossus more difficult than the first one - the surprise the first one brings is just priceless.

zerocrossing1918d ago

Great article! Truly memorable boss battles can make good game great and all the ones you listed are proof of that.

ApolloTheBoss1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

What about the Guardian boss battle in Darksiders 2? That had to be the most well-done and epic boss battle of 2012. Too bad people don't give it enough credit.