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DmC: Devil May Cry Review | Worth Playing

Worth Playing: "DmC: Devil May Cry is a hard game to judge. On its own, without any preconceptions based on the franchise, it's a serviceable if unexceptional action title. It's a good way to waste an afternoon or an ideal rental. It is, however, a poor Devil May Cry game. If you're new to the franchise or found the difficulty level of the previous games too intimidating, this is a fine place to start. The story stands alone, the gameplay is easy to pick up, and the flaws are less noticeable if you're new to the series. For hardcore Devil May Cry fans, though, this title is at least a big step up from Devil May Cry 2. However, the low difficulty and simplistic Style system may turn off die-hard fans." (DmC: Devil May Cry, Xbox 360) 7/10

DragonKnight  +   898d ago
Wow, a REAL review for a change that actually talks about EVERYTHING in the game instead of trying to convince people that it's exactly the same as previous Devil May Cry games. I think the world is about to end.
AsimLeonheart  +   898d ago
I agree. Excellent objective review that does not gives in to the hype. I do not understand what made most of the media give this mediocre game 9s and 10s, all the while failing to mention any of its flaws.
DragonKnight  +   898d ago
I was thinking the same thing. If you look at the reviews that give it the 9s or 9.5s and 10s, they all sound exactly the same and more than half of them take a dig at fans with real complaints about the game. It's as though each near perfect score is from a brain dead monkey or a troll.
LightofDarkness  +   898d ago
I know, it's almost as if they were reading from a press pack or something...
Root  +   897d ago
"I know, it's almost as if they were reading from a press pack or something..."

I thought the same

Even the defense articles that came out a month before release all said the same things.

It's all too perfect....I'm convinced something has went on behind closed doors

It's either they've been payed off, bribed in another way or threatened "Give us a good score or we won't give you exclusive news on Remember Me" for example
VileAndVicious  +   898d ago
So after playing through it. I think the game is a solid 8.5. There are a few problems holding it back I think. Combat is enjoyable but I think could use a few tweaks, for example: it would be nice if instead of weapons only being heaven or hell weapons, I feel combat would feel a bit more cohesive if all weapons were neutral and could be used in either mode. The triggers would serves as on/off switches for Angel/Demon modes instead. This would also help make lock on possible.

I think as far as difficulty goes I understand what NT was trying to do. They are trying to make a game a broader audience could get into and thats fine. But they should have allowed Son of Sparda mode to be availible from the jump. Nephilim to me feels like Normal difficulty. But so far SOS has been pretty challenging. Its not like it was in the demo, enemies are pretty aggressive.

I think the overall story is fine, though the dialogue can be a bit cheesy the narrative helps push things along and NT does a good job explaining things for the most part. Yes Dante is a bit of the douche in the beginning but I see a bit of classic Dante in him towards the end and it will be interesting to see what they do if they make a sequel.

All and all IMO it definitely feels like a Devil May Cry game. Its not exactly the same it is a bit different but its there. It may not be as good as DMC3 combat wise but I definitely enjoyed the game more than DMC4. Cant wait for Bloody Palace next week.
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DevilVergilX  +   898d ago
Just beat this game on SoS(borrow this game from my friend-360). Still easy, and beat it in 6hours. No where as difficult as dmc3. As for dmc4 you realy can't judge them on that since it was there 1st time making a next gen game at the time. For some reason I enjoyed dmc4 more then this, but thays just me.
N4GDgAPc  +   898d ago
I think its funny u guys still rampaging the reviews. from what i've seen you are the minority. Fans are just more out spoken. There is more people that liked the game and rated high than hating the game. And i'm not talking about the reviews.

Why is it hard to believe that some think this is the best DmC. Its all about preference. Really after playing DmC3 and Dmc4 mechanics suck in DmC1. its very hard to get into. Thats just my opinion.

DmC3 is still my favorite but this one is my 2nd favorite.

I do miss the over top action cut scenes from DmC3. Still probly the best action cut scenes ever made in any game.

edit @UnSelf
DmC4 had some cool cutscenes but nothing compared to DmC3. Only game I can think of that takes the thrown in action scenes which there is only 2 of them is in MGS4 radian vs metal gears and radian vs vamp.
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UnSelf  +   898d ago
Then dmc4 cutscenes should (insert extreme verb here) you
Blacktric  +   898d ago
"from what i've seen you are the minority."

Hey guys, let's stop commenting on the reviews to present our negative opinions, because we are the minority...

The nerve on some of you people are just astounding.

"And i'm not talking about the reviews."

Nope. You are talking about the dumb, bandwagon jumping bashing crowd who were nowhere to be seen when the demo was released and the general consensus was negative. But then they started popping up when the reviews started to pour in to take shots at people with actual complaints eventhough they had no proper rebuttal to any of them whatsoever. At the end, the sales will prove you either right or wrong, considering you seem to be banking on the "you didn't play the game, but people who played it loves it" argument now.

It must be a good week for people with low self esteem.
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N4GDgAPc  +   898d ago
U make it sound like everyone hated the demo. There was alot of poeple that liked it to. And there were sites already giving it praise from what they played throughout the years being developed and look forward to it. So it always had some sort of good following from the beginning. With hate also.

And yes to give me an actual opinion of what you think of the game you need to play the full game. If you still hate it then good but don't give me an opinion when really u don't have one. Am I telling you u need to go out and buy the game no. If your not intrested in it don't buy it. I'm already reading people that hated the demo actually enjoyed the game alot. They were surpised.

Its the same thing as someone saying

other: Man I want to see this movie?

me: That movie sucks!

other: What you seen it?

me: No I seen the trailer.

and sales don't prove nothing if a game is good or not. So u are telling me u hate all games that didn't sell well? That means I would hate Yakuza series because it sells like crap in america.
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Lord_Sloth  +   898d ago
Now this is a more realistic score for this game, unlike other sites that haven't even beat it yet and give it a score (Famitsu) and others saying it's story is horrible and gameplay decent yet still giving it 9/10.
zerocrossing  +   898d ago
"It is, however, a poor Devil May Cry game. If you're new to the franchise or found the difficulty level of the previous games too intimidating, this is a fine place to start"

Couldn't agree more, its a fine game but doesn't quite match up to the better side of the original franchise.
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SnipeySnake  +   898d ago
WOW, an actual honest DmC review. That's rare.
Godmars290  +   898d ago
Question is why have all the others been as high as they've been. Come off more as trying to sell the game instead of review it.
doomtrain  +   898d ago
finally!!!! a review that all the haters can agree with.........
LightofDarkness  +   898d ago
I find "haters" is a term that insecure and delusional people use to avoid having to acknowledge criticism.
TheBlackSmoke  +   898d ago
So basically you guys are haters, because last time I checked you lot were not acknowledging a whole bunch of critiques (reviews) and calling everyone who likes it casual,uninformed,paid off.

I hope Ninja theory do a tin foil hat DLC for dante.
doomtrain  +   898d ago
i find the terms '' insecure '' and '' delusional '' are used by people trying to avoid dealing with criticism..........derp
Root  +   897d ago
I find it funny you say that BlackSmoke when your problem as a whiteknight is that you don't actually listen when us "haters" have been giving our solid legit complaints for months.

To you when we explain it's "LALALALALA not listening"

then you have the cheek to say

"You guys have never once explained why you hate the game, you guys are just haters"
dkgshiz  +   898d ago
Adam Sessler reviewed this game with honesty. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Good review.
DragonKnight  +   898d ago
+Bubbles to you sir. Leave it to Adam Sessler to see RIGHT THROUGH THIS GAME! I'm using this EVERYWHERE!
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