Will Next Generation Be Rife With Console Wars?

"Arguing over which console is better has been a habit of gamers since the start of console gaming itself. There are plenty of elements at play, from a machine’s power to its exclusive games. This generation was no exception, with the PS3, XBOX360, and PC fanbase arguing about which is better even now, as we move into the next generation. "

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Akuma-1954d ago

I will be geting all the consoles but the one i really want is the ps4. my decisions arent about what my friends want or have but about the reputation and history of sony. they bring the quality and unique games so im mostly looking forward to the ps4.

Septic1954d ago

Yes and its because of comments like the one above that we'll see the wars raging on.

I'll be buying all consoles day one so I don't miss out. For those like me, who own all platforms, we know how great it is to be a multiplatform gamer.

So-called gamers like the one above may be deluded enough to believe that one platform's existence negates the need for the other but this generation has shown that every console offers something to everyone.

This generation I got to experience:

Xbox 360:

* Amazing online play and community through
* Great Multiplayer experiences from Halo 3-4, Gears, Forza etc


* Visually stunning games like Uncharted which pushed the boundary of games into the realms of cinema
* Excellent single player stories like Metal Gear and even more on the way


* Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3 and Planetside 2: Truly amazing visuals and an early insight into the next generation of games
* WoW: a whole digital world so cohesively made and unique with so many stories to tell, big and small


* We tend to forget what it did but watching my parents play a game and then thorougly enjoy and laugh at the same time was such an alien experience at first. It brought gaming to the masses and it brought a smile to my face to see my parents ( who just hate video gaming or anything related lol) thoroughly enjoy themselves and feel immersed into gaming.

The wars will rage on and I'll no doubt get sucked into them, but I know that I'm in a grateful position to enjoy all experiences on all platforms so I won't stop the angry agendas of some angry keyboard warriors stop me from being a gamer. The wars will only get fiercer but so will the competition and that just makes us gamers the ultimate winners.

rainslacker1954d ago

What's so wrong with his comment? He is basing his decision based on his own experience with PlayStation. I'm doing the same thing, as I've never been let down by a Sony console or the games they release.

I already have the Wii U, may pick up an Xbox if it offers something meaningful for the price (ie more games I want to play), and will definitely get a PS4. Even Akuma said that he'd be getting all the consoles, so why make him seem like the problem?

I agree with your breakdown though, although not all those things mean something to everyone, they are tangible, and in the end it's really only important what the individual sees as worth it.

The problem comes in when people don't like when other people's preference isn't their own...thus we have console wars.

BattleAxe1954d ago

"Will Next Generation Be Rife With Console Wars?"

Sure why not? Besides, the PS4 is going to have way better games than the 720. :D

MikeMyers1953d ago

Sadly that is just human nature. If there was only one console you would still get a breakdown of RPG fans versus JRPG fans and those who support one developer over another. Or Call of Duty fans against Battlefield fans and so on. I'm not sure why people care so much about these things but they do. In fact some people get off being a nuisance and arguing with others.

blackmagic1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

This has unfortunately been the generation where gamers falsely believed that exclusive games were automatically the best games and multiplats were denied their due recognition because they were multiplat. Honestly, games like fallout, GTA5, bioshock, xcom, borderlands, oblivion & skyrim, portal, assasin's creed, red dead redemption, etc have gotten more of my time than the console exclusives this gen. I don't know how many times I've seen gamers defending a turd of a game simply because it was an exclusive on their favourite system.

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lfclee1953d ago

Unfortunately yes ! We has human beings like to think that we know what is best for us has individuals and want to be part of something that is better than what anyone else has got , were also very tribal and loyal .
Then you have the multi console gamer just going with the flow and enjoying everything the industry has to offer , the peace maker on both sides of the fence and also the cleverest among the tribal society , i know it all sounds a bit crazy but that is tribal society human nature that we all still have in us but rarely notice in our world today , enjoy .

yeahokchief1953d ago

I don't think there will be as much arguing.

There will be Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo and even manufacturers like Nvidia.

My point is that it won't just be 2 or 3 guys competing. We are going to have a lot of options. So it doesn't make sense to throw hate at one in particular because each is going to have a ton of competitors.

This is good for us because more competition = better deals and companies trying to provide more value to the consumer to attract us. The more competition the better.

StrongMan1954d ago

Winning the console war is like winning a Super Bowl ring. Sony has two rings, Nintendo has 3 rings, and Microsoft has zero rings at all.

I think Sony will win it's third ring next gen easy because MS has abandoned the hardcore which all belongs to Sony now. Hardcore gamers will think twice before buy the next Xbox and be fooled by MS again. Sure, they'll give you the usual Halo/Gears but that won't be enough as you can tell by Halo 4's sharp decline.

Nintendo is trying to get the hardcore back from Sony but it won't work. We all no 3rd parties will give up on the WiiU.

Septic1954d ago

And here, ladies and gentleman, is why the answer to the features question is a resounding 'yes'.

A perfect example of a specimen that acts as a catalyst to the flames that will keep the wars raging on.

tee_bag2421953d ago

Boy oh boy.. Some people just can't get enough.
Hardcore! Lol! A hardcore gamer is likely to get all the consoles and a dirty beast PC. A hardcore gamer wants to see consoles and PC fiercly compete so that we can all benifit from the spoils.
Your just sound like another fanboy waiting for mummy to buy you your next christmas present. So quick.. Choose the 'winning' side.

Y_51501954d ago

I think there will. Everyone will be a fan of something and argue that it's the best.

Bigpappy1954d ago

War will continue until all fanboys grow old and die.

BeAGamer1954d ago

every generation has fanboys.

Sega Genesis fanboys especially are notorious

1953d ago
Hufandpuf1954d ago

If there are two processes to similar goal, there will always be people that prefer one over the other.

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