DmC: Devil May Cry Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "'The devil is in the details.'

"That's what fans of the original Devil May Cry games thought when they first heard of Ninja Theory's reboot or reimagination or redo or whatever you want to call it. 'Heyyy! His hair isn't white! You're ruining it! WHINE!!'

"God... bitch, bitch, bitch. Is that all you ever do? Why don't you skip the chatter and try the game for yourself? You might find something you like. If you're still doubting DmC: Devil May Cry's ability to capture what you loved about the original games, maybe you better read on before you get your panties in a twist."

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alexcosborn1793d ago

Great game with super fun combat.

NInja Theory really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Temporary1793d ago

I agree. Loving the combat system!

TrendyGamers1793d ago

I'm hoping to have time for DmC in the next few weeks.

doctorstrange1793d ago

I'm waiting for the inevitable "Pay $15 to turn his hair white" DLC...

Tony-Red-Grave1793d ago

no need its unlockable in game. But i think the badass DMC3 dante skin is DLC

Pozzle1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

You know...opening with such negativity and hate isn't a great way to start a professional review. :/

Lord_Sloth1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

All the reviews are opening like this. Everybody's acting like babies and both Antis and Pros are so full of trolls it's not even funny anymore.

Seems to be okay to insult a fanbase like a child anymore.

Pozzle1793d ago

Exactly. We all know that DmC has received a lot of controversy and it's ok to mention that in a review, but telling fans that they "bitch, bitch, bitch" and have their "panties in a twist" is just petty and unneeded. And really unprofessional for a so-called "professional" review.

DragonKnight1793d ago

I will vote down every review that thinks the only issue has always been the hair and any site that berates those with legitimate concerns by clumping everyone together.

Given that most of the reviews have all started the same way, and given the EXACT same score (either 9/9.5 out of 10 or 4/4.5 out of 10), there is something definitely up with these reviewers. Either they are mentally retarded and think this game actually deserves a near perfect score despite having all the issues Ninja Gaiden 3 had, they are purposely padding the numbers to piss people off, or something else.

The reviews of this game have appeared to have had the same basic script as though someone sent out to every possible game site they could think of, what they should say in their review. Granted, that's not likely, but that's how it looks.

So, gamerevolution, you've been down voted.

Temporary1793d ago

It's all a conspiracy man......

DragonKnight1793d ago

"Granted, THAT'S NOT LIKELY, but that's how it LOOKS."

Segments emphasized for clarity.

N4GDgAPc1793d ago


No I think u are just blinded that people actually enjoy the game. Almost all reviews have been good for this game. No game has ever done this good in reviews if they didn't like it. I would say yeah probly some got bought out. Who knows. Maybe no one did but most of these reviews are not. Almost every site would not change there score accepting payment from capcom.

And I do rate the game 9/10. Its my 2nd favorite behind DmC3. Do you not believe me? Because it can't be better than DmC1 right?

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