The Fall of Halo 4: Addressing Halo 4's Declining Popularity

Gameranx: "How Halo 4 has fallen through the ranks as the Xbox Live's most played game."

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kamper1918d ago

Halo will have it's rebound when it comes as an MMORPG

StrongMan1918d ago ShowReplies(10)
NeverEnding19891918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Err...can't take the article seriously.

"Halo 4 is the best and fastest selling Halo in franchise history" From the developer:

Online gameplay wise, it is the best yet. Congrats 343!

FriedGoat1918d ago

It's the laggiest halo to date, Don't get me wrong, really enjoying it but the lag is terrible. And no it's not my connection, my NAT is open and my connection is awesome.

JANF1918d ago


i have not experience any major lag issues with the game. It usually runs smooth.

killalot1001918d ago


Man a Halo game with servers will be so badass. Cant really play anything if servers are not supported. P2P should be outlawed.

JANF1918d ago

There are a few problems 343 need to address soon.

1) More maps competitive and casual
2) Competitive playlist (Bring back MLG settings)
3) A Real Ranking System
4) Need to tweak some weapons (The boltshot for example is way overpowered)

fix that and H4 will be an excellent game

krautgamer1918d ago

they are not bungie. just hope they fix that in halo 5

HaMM4R1917d ago

Also let the flood have weapons rather than just the claw on flood!!!

Mainsqueeze1917d ago

Completely agree with everything JANF said. The reason why i stopped playing was because the lack of competitive maps and no competitive ranking system. I bet if 343 did a study and looked at how many times Haven was picked when it was a choice it would be above 95%. In my opinion Haven is the only truly good and solid competitive map 343 put into the game but it still gets boring playing the same map 90% of the time. Plus i'm also tired of getting level 130 .5 KD ratio ppl on my team in h2 and h3 those guys would be a fraction of my level and i wouldn't get matched up with them. As you said when 343 fixes these things H4 will be a top notch halo title for me.

Anon19741917d ago

While Halo 4 may have fallen in the online ranks, I think that's less of a problem with Halo popularity and more a indication that there's just a tonne of great games out there vying for player's attention.

Personally, I don't know how you can sit there and with a straight, honest face write an article about the waning popularity of game that's sold something like 7 million copies. Close to 80% of released console titles will never see a million in lifetime sales, so in my opinion this article could use a little perspective.

Halo's not going anywhere, but hey...if you need to resort to those articles that trash whatever's popular to generate hits, you do what you gotta do.

morkendo231917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

what'd!!!! HALO is FINALLY fallen from online grace??
so that mean GEARS and FORZA is left while PS3 has boo-kool of games.
THIS IS NOT TROLLING but rather observation over the years.

not a 360 owner but what else Microsoft have left besides gears,forza, banjo kazooie if halo 4 fell from grace???

no offence to anyone. after 7 years with only 4 games that i know of majority of them rehashes (sequal) ON 360. personally i would Have left the darkside of the force to (PS3)

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Septic1918d ago

The lack of maps is the biggest issue in my opinion. Whilst the game is great and doesn't suffer from many matchmaking issues, the same maps get picked over and over.

hennessey861918d ago

I was on halo 4 last night and as far as I could see there were a lot of players online.

Mocat1918d ago

"Declining Popularity"

You do understand English don't you.

Belking1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Even if Halo declines( which isn't happening) it's still more popular than 99% of games out there. Don't believe me watch how much the next one sells. Over 50 million sold and made billions of dollars.

truewittness1918d ago

Hit piece...that's all. Approved by people that never played Halo or by the ones that hate it's existence. Haters gonna hate.

grayfoxx8811918d ago

I don't think it's a hit piece at all. The article brought up legitimate concerns that are within the Halo community, concerns I share as well. Take a look at the Halo forums, and the obvious silence from 343i.

1918d ago
grayfoxx8811918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

You can't simply write off the forums because some people whine too much. Yes some complain, others though remain civil while critically looking at the problems with Halo 4.

Hey, I like 4, way better than Reach imo. Just because I like playing it doesn't mean I can't acknowledge the problems with multiplayer, the wash that is Spartan Ops, and the population decline.

truewittness1909d ago

yeah, probably not a total hit piece but just writing an article just because it'.s about halo. he's pointing out a problem that's not really a problem but just to get read. more people playing more games that rate up with halo isn't a bad thing but that people play more games.

Septic1917d ago

I approved the article and I'm probably a bigger Halo fan than you.

truewittness1909d ago

Doubt it...and how would someone be a bigger Halo fan? were you there for halo:ce? do you know what xboxconnect or gamespy have to do with halo without goggling it?

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