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"DmC: Devil May Cry will challenge purists of the series with its all-new take on Dante’s story, but is the reboot a heavenly experience that successfully relaunches the franchise while retaining the series’ trademark action experience?"

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DragonKnight1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

"The overly elaborate costumes and cheesy jokes have taken a backseat – so those who enjoyed all the goofy banter will need to adjust. Not to say there isn’t banter, it’s just much, much better and, this time around, the script is smarter, edgier and more relatable."

Yeah, because unnecessary cursing is so much better, a patchwork story that's more cliche than life is so much better too right? It's not better, it's worse.

And to say this game is more adult? Are you really serious? This game was made to pander to teenage douchebags, frat boys, and jersey shore lovers. That's not "adult." Ohhh, the inclusion of a sex scene is what you're talking about, I get it. Pff.

**EDIT** This game is only good to people who don't care about challenge, depth, and likeable characters. Given that this gen has seen a smattering of those kinds of games, it's no wonder it's been getting good scores. Still funny that it has the exact same problems as Ninja Gaiden 3 and yet gets the pass.

Hufandpuf1918d ago

Are the boss fights any good?

DragonKnight1918d ago

If you like easy then they'll be great for you.

Tony-Red-Grave1917d ago

from the little i've seen some are but 1 or 2 get downplayed

1918d ago