Is It Time to Say Goodbye to the DualShock?

Push Square: "Sony is supposedly planning to ditch the DualShock controller with the release of its impending next generation console, the PlayStation 4. The iconic input device, with its pointed handles and symmetrical analogue sticks, has been a pivotal part of Sony’s gaming ecosystem since its original release in 1997. But is it time for a change?"

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1949d ago

Dear goodness yes please! It was great the first 2 times, but now it's just old.

get2sammyb1949d ago

Do you dislike it because it's old, though, or because you think it's actually not functional?

Abdou231948d ago

I Will dislike it if SONY used it next-gen without implementing a Touch Screen

Root1948d ago

Old doesn't mean it's bad...Mario is old but it's still fun to play on

If it's not broke don't fix it

The dual shock just needs some minor improvements, they don't need to change the whole thing.

I mean I like the 360 controller for shooters but the DS is a good all rounded controller, it's comfortable with pretty much anything

Baka-akaB1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Who cares if it's not a novelty ? I play with what's comfortable in my hand , not shiny new objects . The hardware of the consoles is precisely there to provide new things and interest .

All they need to do is fix some of the weak spoints of the current pad . And even with its detractors , the ps pad is the only one of the official bunch that is balanced and well rounded enough for ALL kind of games . The other are only better in a few genres , keys or not and areas .

StrongMan1948d ago

No. The dualshock is perfect. It won two console generations.

Belking1948d ago

Yea, if it was the only one competing.

Blackdeath_6631948d ago

they already said they were going to get rid of the dualshock and that the replacement controller prototypes look nothing like it. personally i don't understand this move, why fix something that isn't broken sony? the dualshock was an innovation but trying to do it twice sounds a bit like reinventing the wheel. ultimately if i am able to use my dualshock 3 with my ps4 then i couldn't give less of a fu*k. infact it would be nice to have another option

hennessey861948d ago

Some minor alterations and it will be perfect, better triggers and co caved analogue sticks = perfection

wsoutlaw871948d ago

Concaved sticks are nice when you arent moving them but when you are pushing it all the way up or to the side its unnatural to have your thumbs in the concaved section. I think convex sticks work better for moving them around. I just wish all the grip didnt wear off when playing fight night and games like that.

Blackdeath_6631948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

i agree i also hope that it is roughly the same size. i preferred the dualshock because it was smaller and all the buttons can be reached very quickly with both hands i always liked pressing the D-pad with my right thumb while i'm busy operating the analogue stick and the triggers with my left hand something i can't do on the xbox controller (and that's not only because of the horrible D-pad on it)

Captain Tuttle1948d ago

Get rid of that thing, horrible ergonomics.

BanBrother1948d ago

I have always loved it. Even the PS1 controller without the analog sticks (although playing croc and spyro with a d-pad now is hard).

I think they should keep it how it is, except, as most people have already said, improve the L2 R2 buttons. I'm sure there are lots of small improvements that could be made, but most of them are not worth mentioning. Maybe one of those controllers that has a fan in it for those long,sweaty sessions? But that might increase costs soo.....

Pretty much just improve L2 R2, everything else is fine ( maybe even make the triggers rubber for extra grip :-) :-) :-) :-)

Captain Tuttle1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

While I disagree with you on the DS3 your rubber trigger idea is fantastic. Never thought about it but man it would be cool.

I prefer the 360 pad (even with it's horrible D-Pad). The games that I play (mostly shooters and WRPG's) don't utilize the D-Pad very much so there's no loss there. I really prefer the offset sticks because my thumbs tend to hit each other when I use a DS3. I also hold the 360 pad in my HANDS when I use it and I hold the DS3 in my FINGERS, big difference for me.

In short, the DS3 is a jack of all trades but master of none, while the 360 pad is perfect for the kind of games that I play.

PirateThom1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

If I wanted concave analogue sticks and triggers like the 360 controller, I'd use a 360 controller on it.

I actually don't care about the L2/R2 buttons being curved or not, because I use my trigger finger on L1/R1 and my middle finger on L2/R2, same as I have always done.

Concave analogue sticks have an issue for me because I don't use the top of the stick, I push and pull it from the side, so the convex sticks are much better for me.

My changes would be to widen the controller slightly because it may not excell for most things, but it's competent in all. KEEP ANALOGUE FACE BUTTONS!

get2sammyb1948d ago

I play with my middle fingers on L2/R2 too. I still think the triggers could be improved, though.

PirateThom1948d ago

Definitely, but it's not a deal breaker for me is all I'm saying. If be perfectly happy if the PS4 was compatible with DS3 controllers, basically.

BanBrother1948d ago

The PS sticks suit me more, as I got used to spamming them in Budokai on PS2 during those Kamehameha clash thingy's. The Xbox ones are good also, but if your hands are sweaty they can easily slip out of the concave. I'm sure both could improve the sticks.

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