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Imagine this: You volunteer to go on a rescue mission to not only discover the ship infested with the most horrific kinds of monsters that the imagination can conjure, but that it's all part of a larger conspiracy involving a pseudo-cult that believes these monsters are the next phase of evolution. Oh wait, it gets worse. You manage to escape with your life, destroy the giant marker device that drove everyone insane and led to this mess, and find yourself suffering from delusions and severe mental trauma as a result. Finally, once you make it back to civilization, the first thing anyone does is lock you up because they're convinced you're crazy and that these 'Necromorphs' are just figments of your damaged mind.

This is Isaac Clarke's situation at the beginning of Dead Space 2. The real problem for him, and everyone else for that matter, is that just because he's losing his mind doesn't mean he's not right.

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camel_toad2152d ago

Looks like someone broke the embargo on the reviews for dead space 2!

ScubbaSteve2152d ago

And, they only had a few more days till the 2 year embargo was over.

MikeEaton2152d ago

Haha...I know. We're a newer site, and I thought it would be nice to take a look at a game that we weren't around to review at the time. The heading in the article itself is [LTTP], standing for Late to the Party. :)

Summons752152d ago

It was good. Good luck on your gaming endeavors, hope you guys are looking forward to dead space 3

2152d ago