How THQ’s Greatest Games Might Look In The Hands Of EA

Next week, THQ’s most high-profile IPs will be auctioned off to the highest bidder – and EA are said to be one of the companies looking to pounce. Disgruntled gamer Dave McConkey imagines how the likes of Metro and Saints Row might ‘evolve’ if EA gets hold of them.

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rocky0475861766d ago

I love how this article leaves out THQ's most profitable series besides Saint's Row...WWE series!

Yodagamer1766d ago

Well i'm sure wwe owns their own license so i doubt it's up for sale.

rocky0475861766d ago

They do. But it was named in the sale even though WWE is shopping around the license themselves.

Yodagamer1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'd rather see sony or nintendo buy them up, they seem like the only publisher who wouldn't be strict on them to change their games and if they would be it would be for glitches, gameplay problems. If microsoft gets it then it will probably be bad, like rare.

Feralkitsune1766d ago

I think Warner Brothers should get them.

ThatsGaming1766d ago

Say whatever people want about EA but they have had a bunch of solid IPs this gen...

Their sports IPs have continued to evolve, Mass Effect, Dante's Inferno, Crysis, Dragon's Age, Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed, Burnout, Dead Space, Skate, etc.

I predict they will get Saints Row as they do not have a true sandbox game.

Warner will probably get Warhammer, Metro, and Darksiders.

animegamingnerd1766d ago

that were all ruined in some why this gen

SilentNegotiator1766d ago

"Their sports IPs have continued to evolve".....riiiiiiiight.

Mass Effect, Crysis, Dragon's Age, Need for Speed, Dead Space.....they dropped the bomb on all of these.

Dante's Inferno....I guess if you're on a deserted island without a copy of GoW3 or Bayonetta....

Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, Skate......fair enough, but those seem to be the minority of well handled games on that list.

da_2pacalypse1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes, EA will put out a new IP that is awesome and creative and will attract a bunch of new players.... However the sequel will kill those unique features and make the game super generic (because they think casuals like generic).

Take Dragon Age. DA:Origins had deep story telling, difficult and deep combat system, and many decisions that actually mattered in the overall story. DA2 had a linear story, button mashing combat, and decisions that make no difference in how the story plays out.

You can just about stick this same story on every single IP that EA owns (and has had multiple iterations). They publish generic games. They don't care about their original fanbase, all they're ever concerned with is selling more copies than before (even if it means more people will be disappointed this time around)...

I give up on EA. I refuse to touch a new IP they make, I know they'll ruin it with an unworthy sequel and make my blood boil for no reason. I'd rather just not touch it in the first place.

3GenGames1766d ago

A bit more expensive for the full game, yes?

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