PC Fan Attacks Bethesda's PR Manager For X360 Skyrim DLC Exclusivity

DSOGaming writes: "Naturally, some PC gamers got annoyed by all this and one of them decided to attack Bethesda’s PR manager, Pete Hines. When Pete Hines revealed that PS3 owners would be getting a discount on all upcoming DLCs for Skyrim (hint: Dawnguard has not been released yet on PS3 and will come alongside Dragonborn), a fan asked whether PC gamers would be also getting a discount."

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animegamingnerd1921d ago

can't blame them it gets annoying to wait for DLC on one platform after it has been out for a month on another and i wish M$ would stop investing in time exclusive DLC and invest that money in new IP'S

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jimbobwahey1921d ago

I don't even know why anyone pays money for Bethesda games any more, even if you own a 360 their games still have plenty of problems and bugs. They're just a crappy developer staffed by incompetent monkeys who couldn't even release a Pong clone without crippling bugs and glitches.

Anybody who wants a decent RPG should be purchasing games such as Dark Souls, not Bethesda's latest turd. The sooner people stop giving money to them the sooner they'll realize that their appalling business practices and lack of respect for customers needs to change.

OptimisticPrime1921d ago

What the fuck? These aren't even the same genre almost. First person exploration based questing or masochistic action rpg with border line survival horror elements? This whole dark souls fanboy vs skyrim fanboy arguments are one of the dumbest gaming feuds I've ever witnessed.
Currently: 300 hours in skyrim and over 750 hours in dark souls personally.

CalvinKlein1921d ago

I have both souls games and like bethesda games too. Ive only had small glitches in fallout 3, new vegas, and skyrim on 360.

hellvaguy1921d ago

" i wish M$ would stop investing in time exclusive DLC?"

If weren't getting into the game of wishing and telling business how to be run....

I wish for no console exclusives. I want Zelda on meh 360, Gears of War on the ps3, and Uncharted on the wiiU.

animegamingnerd1921d ago

i cna't tell them how to run a business but my wallet can if they continue this route next gen i will not be getting the next xbox in response

dlpg5851921d ago

new ip's are a risk. the reason that many "hardcore gamers" buy one console over another is content exclusivity, be it franchises or dlc. the 360 has chosen the safer route of putting money in successful franchises in order to get some exclusivitythat way. so xbox getting the timed exclusives basically says "if you want to get the full game experiance of overhyped title a, you have to wait a couple months or play it on 360" if you don't want to support that, by all means buy the other console and wait while they make safe money. i'm gonna wait a year or two and then buy a console after the first or second price drop.

SilentNegotiator1920d ago

Exclusive games and DLC are NOT the same.

Exclusive games don't hinder the experience of a different system, while withheld DLC and preferential treatment does hinder the experience of another.

Blastoise1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

So...PC gamers (Or just this guy...) had to wait a month or so for DLC, and think they deserve a discount. Um...why?

PS3 player's got a broken game that didn't work, the DLC should definitely be discounted for them.

"The fan took it a bit further, stating that he too doesn’t agree with the “Consoles first,”policy of Bethesda as an owner of the PC Collector’s Edition and concluded that ‘there’s no good reason for these delays."

The guy sounds like a baby to be honest, just wait a month to play your crappy underwhelming overpriced DLC. Sheesh

DragonKnight1921d ago

"PS3 player's got a broken game that didn't work, the DLC should definitely be discounted for them."

Was going to say the same thing. PS3 owners have received, by a wide margin, the worst treatment from Bethesda and hopefully the discount will be substantial.

PC users have nothing to complain about. There are quest mods out there for goodness sake, many of them probably superior to Dragonborn. Skyrim on PC is about a billion times better than the console versions. Hell, Hearthfire contains stuff that was already available on PC so what's the problem? You want Dragonborn so bad? Ask someone to make it on the Nexus or something.

hellvaguy1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

" PS3 owners have received, by a wide margin, the worst treatment from Bethesda"

Thank the cell processor for that, plus Skyrim is a wide open world. That makes it very hard on devs (so Im told) to program for this gen consoles with the low ram.

I know the follow up comment is going to be naughty dog spends a million hours on each games and gets it right.

DragonKnight1921d ago

"Thank the cell processor for that, plus Skyrim is a wide open world. That makes it very hard on devs (so Im told) to program for this gen consoles with the low ram."

Given that Bethesda has yet to release a game that didn't need to have a year spent on it fixing all of their bugs, or that didn't need the PC community to fix it within the first week of release, it's safe to say Bethesda is the problem.

Plenty of open world games work just fine on the PS3 and a completely different studio was able to port Oblivion to the PS3 in a condition far more stable, and of higher quality, than what Bethesda could have released.

ninjahunter1920d ago

Game still costs $60 on PC and if you think this game plays smoothly for its visuals, then i guess i should correct you, it runs terribly on PC, mostly due to the shadowing system being a complete mess.

DragonKnight1920d ago

@ninjahunter: Once again, mods and community fixes make the experience a billion times better for Skyrim on PC than on consoles, especially the PS3. I can say with about 90% certainty that any visual problem you may have with Skyrim on PC has a community fix or mod for it, you just have to look.

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Tr10wn1921d ago

Yeah i agree this is kind of selfish we had mods on PC, i did buy dawnguard on the 360 because i couldn't wait and when bought it PC i was like why the didnt i wait and play it on PC on the firsts place, i'm doing that with dragonborn i wont buy it on 360, ill gladly wait, there are tons of mods to keep me playing skyrim for months.

NameRemoved00171921d ago

Just wait till next Skyrim sale it will be $5-$10 on green man gaming again eventually.

palaeomerus1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Or just wait till the complete edition comes out that has all the DLC included. Like with Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New vegas...

Ducky1921d ago

"The guy sounds like a baby to be honest, just wait a month to play your crappy underwhelming overpriced DLC. Sheesh"

Defending Bethesda's actions while attacking their DLC.
I like it.

Blastoise1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Hey I hate Bethesda as much as the next guy (Probably more so)lol

But the guy is basically saying he deserves 50% off the DLC for having to wait a month. He's just annoyed Xbox gets it first, but Microsoft paid for the timed exclusivity so you just gotta deal with that.

There's nothing that really justifies a discount...

Ducky1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

^ Why deal with it?
Timed-DLC a silly concept, and people are well within their rights to complain about it.

It might even make Bethesda treat all platforms fairly next time. Slim chance, but it's better than just bending over to 'deal with it'.

Eldyraen1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

@FatOldMan: Within their rights, yes. That doesn't make it the right thing to do though or even justifiable.

Months before the game was even released it was announced that Xbox was getting timed exclusivity on DLC so its his own fault for either getting it on the 'wrong' console (in terms of DLC being a day one priority) or being uninformed.

Plus, its DLC... Bethesda didn't even have to make it. Its like complaining you bought a movie and when the Director's Cut/Extended version comes out you complain you didn't get the extra content.

The concept of timed exclusivity is retarded though, same with all exclusive content (from console, where you purchased, etc). But the fact is, complaining about a month's wait is ridiculous and he's just an entitled git. The 'delay' wasn't due to technical problems such as the case with PS3, its simply a later release date. I bet he would complain about not getting a discount for games like Bioshock, Mass Effect, and others on PS3/Wii U so long after 360 as the concept is exactly the same.

JasonXS121921d ago

On the Bethesda forums, more people were annoyed at the fact no info was given to anyone about the release date as well as the fact it was well over 1 month due thinking back to the Xbox exclusive deal.

If the deal was over, then it seems as if the deal was the only thing making the DLC pop up. Without the deal Bethesda fails more?

Forum users were content with any form of update it's just that Bethesda doesn't treat its consumer base with any respect thus the out lash from the man towards Pete Hines.

sllshrm1921d ago

Well its only 1 guy
Me and my other bro PC gamers have no qualms with Bethesda...neither does 99% of the PC gaming population.

We have mods yo! Some of them are better than the DLC they come out with.

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LeBart1921d ago

Ok, timed exclusivity for dlc sucks really bad, no question about that, it should not happen, but I'm more than happy to play Skyrim on the PC. Yeah you have to wait a little longer but the game looks better, runs better, and has amazing mod support. You don't get to call yourself a second rate customer when the version you're playing is superior in every way.

landog1921d ago

seriously, this guy is overreacting, ms paid bethesda for a limited time exclusive on glad its coming at all!

and, as a pc gamer myself, with all the amazing mods the community has made, i'm in no hurry to PAY for dlc, i'll grab it off a steam sale this summer, with all dlc in one package for like $7.50

mods like this;

make me not care to much about over-priced dlc

i feel bad for ps3 gamers, if anyone deseves a discount, or heck, the dlc for free it's them!

Treian1921d ago

why is so hard to be fair on all platforms? sigh....

NameRemoved00171921d ago

1. Don't accept Microsoft or Sonys bribes for console first content.
2. Make game in PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 seperatly, they made skyrim for xbox the PC port isn't nearly as bad as the ps3 but its still pretty bad without mods.

Its impossible to be fair, PC has mods that are better than any of the DLC will be.

MrAnderson1921d ago

Moonpath is good but overated, The oblivion Realms Series & Super Skyrim bro's are two quest mods off the top of my head that I think are alot better.

hazardman1921d ago

I don't knock ms one bit for buying timed exclusives or dlc. Its a business and it seems to work for them. I understand that with all the money they have invested they could have several new ips or even just paid to have atleast one of the games exclusive to the platform. Also it not like the developers/publishers can't say NO we don't want to exclude any of the gamers or oother platforms. Shit MS should just buy Bethesda and get it over with. That's why I get certain games on xbox 360 cause I don't have to wait. I remember. Buying MW3 elite for PS3 and still having to wait for dlc that the none elite players on xbox 360 were already playing , they played big time on that one cause I was under the assumption that I would get as soon as it came out. Which I did like month after!! Fuckers!! So if you happen to have both consoles and enjoy MW/bethesda game buy it on xbox/pc I guess.

NameRemoved00171921d ago

PC version with mods is lightyears ahead of the xbox version if your pc can handle it.

hazardman1921d ago

Shit you use up your bubble but if I had a pc capable of playing it I would definitley go that route. I'm looking into building my own this summer, but 1st I have to get new info on new consoles which I still prefer because of the better overall games. Now I'm not knocking pc games just not as diverse as consoles in my honest opinion. PM me if you want to reply.

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