Do you even want the PS4 to have a controller like the Wii U Game Pad?

Gimme Gimme Games writes about why it would be a good thing if Sony's next console has a controller similar to the Wii U Game Pad, and adds why it could also be a bad thing.

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smashcrashbash1922d ago

No.I don't like how clumsy the Wiipad looks at all.Just give me a normal sized controller in my hands please

iamnsuperman1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I doubt they will go for it and it isn't because of what you said about he Wii U tablet. It would instantly get rid of a big future reason to buy a vita. The Vita has shown it can be used for cross play/controller play thing and remote play but they never have implemented it probably. Maybe they are waiting for the PS4 to do so but having a tablet controller would instantly get rid of this attraction.

I see the thing being a normal controller and if you want to play off screen and on the go the Vita will do it via Gaikai

Shnazzyone1922d ago

Also Sony needs to actually do some innovation here in gameplay. They can't keep knocking off nintendo, they need to start coming up with new ideas of their own.

iamnsuperman1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )


"Also Sony needs to actually do some innovation here in gameplay. They can't keep knocking off nintendo, they need to start coming up with new ideas of their own."

Quite frankly it isn't who does it first but who does it best that really matters. I don't mind them taking other peoples ideas (that is actually how technology improves and gives the consumer a better experience) as long as it is better

miyamoto1922d ago is a sensationalist flamebait game site that wants to be the next Kotaku

just read the ridiculous comments posted by Nintendo fans made here....

Sony PlayStation has gone a very long way to differentiate itself to Nintendo since 1994

Old McGroin1922d ago

It's not clumsy at all, it's actually very light and has nice grooves on the back so it settles nicely in your hands.

I used to think the pad was gimmicky until I actually picked one up and played a few games with it. I hope it's at the very least an optional type of pad for the next Playstation/Xbox.

EddieNX 1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

This^ , the wiiu pad is a bit unusual initialy bit it quickly becomes second nature , i can't even look at a dual shock or a 360 controller now as they are dramatically inferior.

Darksiders 2 you can play with a pro controller (which is the normal controller these gamepad haters clamour for) or off screen play and it's no where near as god as when you have the big map and on the fly inventory on the gamepad.

The wiiu is a natural evoloution of the standard controller. It's better in every way , not to mention you have the pro controller if you desire to use such an inferior device.

''Just give me a normal controller'' - good luck doing off screen play with one of those , and good luck doing it with a vita for that matter too , because it doesn't work on pretty much any games.

Sanquine901922d ago

@kingofwii U : Please change your name. Why? It just can be objective. If i say it people can believe it. But your name screams that you are some fanboy.

@ On topic

Bulls*it, i have a wii U and as other people already said it fits nice in your hands. And when you play on it with the game zombie U. You really aprecciate the big screen with the radar on it. PS the inventory management is so much better on the wii U.

metroid321922d ago

Wiiu Gamepad is better than the normal one thats for sure mate,also wiiu has both ?

AO1JMM1922d ago

The Wii U game-pad is not "clumsy".

Benjaminkno1919d ago

Keyword "looks". You called it clumsy without playing it? that's funny.

You do realize that the Playstation controller hasn't changed since Super Nintendo right?
throw in 2 sticks and 2 shoulder buttons.

At least separate the controller. Throw in a motion sensor... maybe you could have a Wiimote?...

I'm quite certain this is actually what the controller is going to be.

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Gr811922d ago

Happen. The folks who don't like the Gamepad now and are talking about the Wii U sucking will pull a 180 and say that Sony is doing game pad gaming right.

Then they will show a shoddy video of some random dude from 2009 or 10 farting around with Sony's Prototype gamepad and start claiming that Sony did it first and are innovators for pushing the industry forward.

It will be like deja vu for the Move's release.

smashcrashbash1922d ago

No.I really would prefer a normal controller thanks. Not every one is as two faced as you claim.Many people preferred a normal PS3 controller over the Move as well just the same way many people preferred a normal control scheme over the Wiimote .Besides everyone in the gaming universe talked about how much they thought the PS3 sucked.Not sure why everyone gets so anal about anyone saying anything bad about the Wii U.I am sure the same people who cry all day about the Wii U will be first in line to put down the PS4.

Angrymorgan1922d ago

I would prefer to have a smaller screen (iPhone size) just for menus/inventory..
But I don't see it happening because they'll probably use vita in some way.

Irishguy951922d ago

They will see if it sells for Nintendo first, then they will copy it.

wishingW3L1922d ago

I hope the rumor is just that, a rumor. Having a screen on the controller is as pointless as the second screen on the DS. They are just pointless and gimmicky.

Neonridr1922d ago

150 million people disagree with your comment about the DS having a second screen being pointless.

Do me a favour and look up the word gimmick in the dictionary, and tell me what it means. I'll give you a hint, the word gimmick does not mean anything negative. So stop using it in that context.

FanMan1921d ago

mcdonalds also sells billions of big macs. doesnt mean its quality food.just cheap and fast.

Benjaminkno1919d ago

Ah, they're fanboys! They worship their consoles like bigots listen to talk radio. Any bad news for Nintendo is music to their ears. They are determined to scoff at the gamepad, that they would sabatoge their own appreciation for games. Not because it's "gimmicky" or "clunky", but because they worry about their own personal brand. They probably should be worried, the industry is changing. Maybe they're just tired of Nintendo being invulnerable. We've seen casualties in this business before, and they're adamant to throw Nintendo to the lions even though their competitors have contributed next to nothing to this industry.

GribbleGrunger1922d ago

If the PS4 has a controller exactly the same as the Wiiu then I won't be buying it. A little LCD display in the centre and a slightly wider controller I can accept, but NOT the controller of the Wiiu.

metroid321922d ago

So u want a pointless screen that does zero off tv play and special co-op modes u can only achieve on a big screen ?? and panaramic viewpoint on games like zelda like the garden tech demo wow the gamepad is the pad of the future in my eyes and many developers.

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