GameSpy Review - Frontlines: Fuel of War

GameSpy writes: "The single-player campaign can be seen as an extensive tutorial for the much longer-lasting multiplayer meat of the game, but that shouldn't be seen as dismissing its effectiveness. The campaign is quite entertaining, giving you a chance to utilize all the nifty tricks and high-tech weaponry that you'll need to master in order to excel in multiplayer, while also offering up some of the better vehicle-based missions we've played in a shooter. Driving can be difficult at first, since the controls take some getting used to, and flight in particular can be challenging. Still, there's a diverse array of gameplay options that you'll feel satisfied to take on."

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sonarus3948d ago

i think i am going to get this game. i love the massive maps and the vehicles of warhawk so this game should suit my tastes.

3948d ago