Postal III Preview (TeamXbox)

If you're familiar with Running with Scissors' Postal game series, none of what's to follow will surprise you. If, on the other hand, you've never heard or seen anything about the previous Postal titles, you might want to hit the Back button and never come back here again… or perhaps opt to turn on the TV and watch a nice, wholesome episode of That's So Raven or something on PBS. Really.

It's not that Postal is a bad game or necessarily bad for you. After all, when a franchise gets a number in its name, it usually proves that it has a big enough audience to warrant the development and release of sequels. And this is a group of games that's mostly been released on PC and Mac, so it's list of potential fans - and naysayers - is somewhat limited. To many, it's just that the Arizona-based developer has gone over the line for many people in the taste department. If the concept of playing a game that includes your character setting another one on fire - and then peeing to put it out - will cause you any anxiety, grief or other health issues, by all means stay away.

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