Final Fantasy: All The Bravest - A Mobile Gaming Disaster

John Bedford (Modojo): Square Enix was probably hoping for a better day when it released Final Fantasy: All The Bravest on the App Store yesterday. Speculation of a new port from the publisher's RPG back-catalog was rife following the reveal of a new teaser site, but what arrived instead was a shallow game of mindless tapping fronting an extraordinary premium pricing store. It's safe to say we didn't mince too many of our own words when we reviewed the game yesterday.

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Snookies121768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Square Enix are failing worse and worse... First they start going downhill with FF games, then they started pushing aside the projects people ACTUALLY wanted, (Remake of 358/2 Days "which would have happened" as well as remakes of FFV, FFVI, and FFVII, FFX HD, Versus XIII, a new Final Fantasy (that's not XIII)), now they're focusing on crappy mobile games that are cheaply made and which core gamers couldn't give two craps about.

ayabrea931768d ago

I decided to buy the game for nostalgia purposes and i so regret it, it's a truly pathetic game though that nobody else should buy.

AllroundGamer1768d ago

so many studios are closing, but Square Enix not... how is that so??

ScubbaSteve1768d ago

They just have more money, it's the same thing with EA. Their stocks have been on a steady downhill trend for 5+ years. The next big thing to watch for would be the re-release of FF14:ARR. A lot of people are looking forward to it and the game has much improved. But the MMO market is still way over saturated and has had little innovation in years. If that flops and goes F2P they'll pretty much have to start development on something new.

FF13-2 will be bring in money but the cow is running dry. Reusing assets makes the production cheap but people who didn't buy 13-2 will probably not buy 13-3 which leaves the market much smaller.

AdmiralSnake1768d ago

It's a ripoff when you pay ear 4 dollars for it...and they design it in a way yobesucha money grabbing scheme generally though the iOS store is filled with that bullshit, square just took it to a new level.

VileAndVicious1768d ago

It basically sounds like square is trying to pull a Rage of Bahamut but failed miserably...

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