Why I choose the Wii over the PS3 and 360.

Some reasons why I prefer the Nintendo Wii over the PS3 and 360.

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profgerbik1920d ago

Never owned an N64..


JoGam1920d ago

Again, an opinion piece that means nothing to me.

decrypt1920d ago

Most console gamers chose Wii over Xbox 360 and PS3 because:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Enemy1920d ago

@ decrypt: I'm a console gamer and I care about graphics. It's why I choose the PS3 over the Wii.

LOL_WUT1920d ago

@ decrypt you sure are persistent aren't you?

The Wii had its fair share of first party IPs but aside from those and all the shovel ware the console itself had nothing going for it. Oh and don't get me started on the tacked on motion controls.

I know this is his own opinion but i'm calling it now N64 > Wii

Qrphe1920d ago

N64 sold around 30 million units. It makes sense that not a great amount of people have ever played on it.

profgerbik1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Doesn't make sense that your hobby is writing articles about gaming systems and games in general but you haven't even owned an N64..?

Just saying a little weird. Maybe the person is a young buck.. N64 is just too old for him or her.

Qrphe1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

The same could be said about the Dreamcast, Saturn or even the classic consoles from the first generations, yet we do not expect people most gamers or "journalists" to have even touched them.

It wouldn't surprise me about his experience though, especially since I've even heard some "journalists" call the PS2 a retro console.

TruthbeTold1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Maybe people shouldn't 'expect' it, but it does say a lot about such an opinionated gamer when their pool of gaming experience is shallow in the relative sense.

Even if it was before your time, those games are classic, fun, and available for cheap now. Never having played them is fine, but a perspective that's all too common now a days. I.E. The 'CoD generation' who think their shallow pool is the be all/end all, without even attempting to know and understand what came before - and why it was important. A 'journalist' should.

Sucitta1920d ago

how can you call yourself a gamer without experiencing goldeneye, mariokart64, zelda64 or banjo kazooie?

I take it your not one of the 30 million classic gamers.

before you write another gaming article, you need to pick yourself up the N64 brah..

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2pacalypsenow1920d ago

neither did i i wanted to but my brother got us a Ps1 instead

Belking1920d ago

Nothing wrong with that. Different people have different taste.

nukeitall1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Yup, and I just bought all three.

However, I got the Xbox 360 first, then the Wii and finally my kick ass MGS gunmetal grey PS3.

Now a days, I only use my Xbox 360 cause I don't have time, and Kinect fills the Wii void.

I must say though that the Wii has some very unique titles with very unique art style. I say it time and time again, unique art style will outdo resolution anytime. It makes the biggest impact.

AWBrawler1920d ago

You don't have to justify yourself to anybody. Your choice is your choice, and quite frankly those who ignore the Wii missed out on some of the last gen's best games.

Zodiac1920d ago

That's why i got all three consoles. It took me a while, but each system has games that i couldn't miss. I couldn't imagine missing out on the Wii while knowing what i was missing.

Irishguy951920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I disagree with the Author, the Wii has some top quality games. but in reality, the system has about 30 games I'd ever want to play. And alot of them aren't top quality.

The 360 has over a hundred games i'd want to play, about 30 of them would be considered great games as opposed to the Wii's 10 or so games like Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade etc.

The PS3 is in the same boat as the 360, except it has even more games due to the amount of exclusives it has on it.

I like the Wii, but I certainly would never pick it up over the other two. I don't see how anyone would unless they are casual gamers(majority). In the article you mention two lists of games and then say "and others" at the end, there are not much others besides the ones you mention.

That's all I have to say about it, I'm glad I have the Wii due to the games you mention, but i'm so much more glad I have the 360 and Ps3, and a low end gaming PC for all my Pc gaming needs

Edit--- This article mentions whats good about the Wii, it does not mention why this makes it better than the 360 and Ps3. Because it isn't. You mention being impressed by the graphics of the Wii BECAUSE it's not as powerful as the other systems. This is not a plus to the Wii, it's a plus to the devs, and the other two consoles still have better looking games in both artstyle and of course graphics. Being impressed doesn't make it better.

I also consider motion controls a fault, I think every game that utilized them would be better off with a normal controller, not because I consider motions controls themselves bad, but because the Wii didn't to it that well, and sacrificed precise controls for it.

Edit--- Yes AWbrawler, not all of that list is really any good, I did say about 30 games worth playing. You mention 27, leave out Mario and Zelda. The shooters you mention, no I am not interested in, I can get better elsewhere on two consoles which have a wide array of better shooters(in Many ways) so why would I be interested? Those shooters are outclassed. Monster Hunter tri is one of my favs games this gen, as I said i'm glad to have the Wii. Umbrella Chronicles > Darkside chronicles too./ Many other hiddens gems? - like what?

AWBrawler1920d ago

So you mean you wouldn't be interested in:

Fragile Dreams
Monster Hunter
Tatsunoko vs capcom
Sonic colors
Rune Factory Frontier
Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New world
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Cursed Mountain
Trauma Team
The conduit 1 and 2
Sin and Punishment 2
Sky Crawlers
The Last Story
Disaster Day of Crisis
Trace Memory 2
Goldeneye 007
Phantom Brave
Secret Files Tunguska
Lost winds
Wario Land shake it
Kirby Returns to Dream land
or any of the many other hidden gems you can find on the wii???

SolidDuck1920d ago

And AWbrawler if all those games were also on my 360 or ps3 only the last story, xenoblade, and monster hunter interest me. The rest of those games I wouldn't look twice at.

Instigator1919d ago

It seems like the problem with the Wii software isn't the lack of good games, but rather the lack of big names. I'm sure that if the exact same games were on the HD consoles instead and received a lot of coverage by the media then your agree-disagree ratio would be reversed.

Y_51501920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I'll answer for him I guess:

Donkey Kong Country Returns
De Blob
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

And 4 Mario titles made the Wii awesome to me, I don't need 30 games to enjoy a console.

I picked the Wii first over Xbox360 and PS3, I do not regret it. The PS3 came into my life and the WIi wasn't my go to console since 2008...Well now I want a Wii U for the games that I missed playing on the Wii though.

SolidDuck1920d ago

The wii had some great games no doubt. But I think it's crazy to say it even held a candle to 360 or ps3. Besides the obvious online play and live and psn games the wii can't compete with. This guys argument is mostly single player games, and although Zelda, Mario, and other games he mentions were good fun games. The likes of dragon age, skyrim, mass effect, gears, god of war, uncharted and so on. And even less popular like demons & dark souls, valk chronicles, lost odyssey, just to name a few. Basically 360 and ps3 destroy the wii in every category of gaming. Except maybe local friends and fam multiplayer. Not that the wii wasn't a good system with some fun games, but to say the wii had overall the best games of its gen is just crazy. Or coming from a giant Nintendo fanboy.

Phil321920d ago

Or coming from someone who preferred the games the Wii had to offer compared to those systems. Damn them for having a different opinion than you! They must be a giant Nintendo fanboy!

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