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Nimblest-Assassin1982d ago

Wow... when he said ONLY ON PLAYSTATION

My balls tingled a bit

Abash1982d ago

Woah, those bosses look amazing. This is basically a teaser of some of the game's most amazing moments and Im so hyped for the game now

Conzul1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Yes, it's about time we got a Single Player trailer!

The sweetness of 2013 for

Blastoise1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Look's badass, Loving the enemies.

The graphics are incredible, I didn't think they'd be able to do much more than God of war 3 but it looks even better!

-Alpha1982d ago

This is actually their TV spot.

Here is where they will be aired:

Original First Run TV Commercial Highlights:
1/20 – FOX UFC Road to Octagon
1/25 – ESPN NBA Friday Night Spurs vs Mavs
1/25 – FOX UFC on Fox Live Fight
1/27 – ESPN NBA Sunday Hawks vs Knicks
1/27 – FOX American Dad
1/30 – ESPN NBA Wed Heat vs Nets
1/30 – ESPN NBA Lakers vs Suns
1/31 – FX Archer
2/1 – ESPN NBA Friday Heat vs Pacers
2/1 – ESPN NBA Lakers vs Timberwolves
2/3 – Family Guy

Ezz20131982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

i thought kratos would scream

Enemy1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

The bosses, environments, facial animations, and lighting improvements, by the gods...


Sarcasm1982d ago

That graphics look pretty frickin awesome too, Release the Kraken!

Enemy1982d ago

The teaser looks a bit blurry to me. Anyone else? Put it on PSN, Sony!

It looks like we'll be fighting the Kraken-like creature in the dark. OH MY GOD.

Outsider-G1982d ago

Agreed :), can't wait for March 12

NukaCola1982d ago

That scene with Kratos droping on the flying monster, LOOK AT THAT EFFING HUGE SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Holy God, Shut up and take my EVERYTHING!!!


MEH/H graphics and game !

MEH/H = Monstruously Epic Heavenly/Hellish ; )

1982d ago
badz1491981d ago

March can't come soon enough!

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Godchild10201982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

If that trailer didn't make you want to purchase the game day zero, something might be wrong.

That was well worth the wait. Short but sweet.

iamnsuperman1982d ago

This trailer look pretty good but I am still concerned it will be like the E3 demo because that was a bit of a disappointment to watch

Ezz20131982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

when i see ps3 exclusives always look this good .. i say to my self ps3 still have good years in it

this game look more epic and better than god of war 3
when i thought it would be impossible ..SSM are incredible at what they do

IRetrouk1982d ago

And its the second team!!!! Cant wait for this game. Looks amazing, and all running on a six and a half year old console

1982d ago
CDzNutts1982d ago

Next Gen?

Third party games, at first, will still look like "shit".

Exclusive games, throughout, will look the best.

Same story.

IAmLee1982d ago

dying to watch it, but I refuse. I want to play the whole game without any idea of what to expect. It is taking all my willpower not to watch..

Conzul1982d ago

Your willpower is commendable. I wish I had a time-machine so I could join you :-(

Oldman1001982d ago

Wait...why is he white when he's with his family? I thought the whole reason he was white was because he's covered in his daughter and wife's ashes?

BitbyDeath1982d ago

True, maybe it's just a dream or something.

showtimefolks1982d ago

It's already on pre order can't wait, bosses look incredible. How is that on this so called old system we keep seeing every game looking better than the one before from Sony 1st party studios?

violents1981d ago

The longer any peticular system is in service the better devs will understand and be able to optimize for said system. 6+ yrs on ps3 and SSM knows how to play the ps3 like a fiddle. 1st party always has the best tools. I just wish they would share thier secrets with third parties so thier games didnt come out like crap half the time.

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Nitrowolf21982d ago

Holy f, dem graphics.

This looks better than God of War 3, which was pretty impressive as is. The epicness, even if it was just a little bit. Also good to see a more human side of Kratos

TheFallenAngel1982d ago

I know and I still think there is no console game better looking than God of War 3.

thaking1551982d ago

This is where Capcom should've outsourced to. Santa Monica/God Of War Team over Ninja Theory! The graphics and gameplay match Devil May Cry games of old moreso than the newbie DmC. This game is gonna be boss as well as Metal Gear Revengence! Bring it on!

Kur01982d ago

Sorry but I'd rather have Platinum games do DMC. God of War is awesome and its own thing but DMC's combat needs a specific flavor that I believe only Platinum games can give.

thaking1551982d ago

@Kur0, I agree, either or would've sufficed better than NT. Their track record says it all. I believe that Santa Monica could've been up for the challenge and NOT included QTE (Quick Time Events) and kept that specific flavor that DMC has (Old Series) Platinum Games would've blown it out the water and they would've been #1 on my list of who to outsource it too and Santa Monica would've been a close second.

Walker1982d ago

All hail the king baby .

xursz1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I'll rip your head off and [censored] down your throat.


...too far?

-Alpha1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Looks gorgeous. The artstyle looks so luscious and soft, or am I just imagining that? It looks different, like a painting.

Games with boss fights always get me so excited. Such a classic staple, and GoW does it so well.

DigitalRaptor1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

It's not just you.

David Jaffe once said that God of War 3 looked like a "painting come to life", and I could see where he was coming from - but this, Ascension looks absolutely gorgeous and smooth in a way that it actually looks like a painting that has been animated. Soft but vibrant colour palette. probably due to it being less apocalyptic and gloomy than GOW3.

And underwater boss:

Stunning, and the boss fights look like they are going to be so much fun and on a scale that goes beyond GOW3. Santa Monica are unreal!

zoks3101982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

The colors is what makes this GOW stands apart from the rest. The vibrant colors really make Ascension look great.
Can't wait.

BigBoss19641982d ago

So now all the people who where saying that multiplayer would affect the single-player can now shut up I would expect nothing less from the god of war team