Four Current Gen Games Ruined by Multiplayer

Richard Bailey of writes:
Yesterday, we wrote up an opinionated editorial on five 2013 games that we feel will be ruined by multiplayer. While it may have seemed silly to come up with these accusations outright, we already had in mind a few past examples that support our theories on why this feature isn’t necessarily needed for every video game out today. Without further ado, I now present to you our list on four current gen games that were ruined by multiplayer.

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rbailey1953d ago

Four concrete examples where multiplayer wasn't necessary. Do you agree or disagree?

iamnsuperman1953d ago

I thought UC3 worked and had a slightly different take with the moving environments. I didn't think the single player suffered because of it either. The story was quite interesting and an eye opener to the traditional no worry style U1 and 2 had. Drake came off bad which was a refreshing and good thing.

"The quality gap between Uncharted 1 and 2 is astounding, but Uncharted 3 felt like more of the same in a lot of ways."

That is like AC1 and AC2 and AC:B. The jump was so big between 1 and 2 that B seems not as good because it isn't the momumental jump but that kind of jump is a tall ask for any game series. I think AC:B was the best in the franchise because it was AC2 but more. Which is why I am using it as an example for Uncharted. I think 3 was the better game because it was U2 but the story tried to do something completely different (and in my opinion it worked)

Spec Ops the line multiplayer wasn't bad. It just was a poler opposite to the single player game. It just didn't fit with the game at all and I am not sure multiplayer would fit with the theme it ran with

Baka-akaB1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

It's not even a matter of disagreeing , it's ridiculous .

You are scrapping the barrel obviously . GTA and UC3 didnt suffer one bit in the sp modes because of the multiplayer .

And it's highly open to debates that ME3's issues were caused by the mp . And by most accounts it's a great mp anyway .

The irony is that you might have been left with still a sp you dont like (if you are among the dissatisfied) AND yet without the good Mp to make it less sour

FriedGoat1953d ago

GTA 4 suffered as being the most boring GTA in history. Realism just isn't fun.

San Adreas all the way.

FarCryLover1821953d ago

Not much too realistic about GTA 4 though. Speeding through redlights, no ticket. Shooting hundreds of people, etc.

Baka-akaB1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"GTA 4 suffered as being the most boring GTA in history. Realism just isn't fun. "

Not everyone think that to begin with , and even if true ,it's a matter of focus and style of gameplay and plot decisions , not the inclusion of mp .

Theangrybogan1953d ago

A better question is why does multiplayer have to be in frickin everything these days?

Dark_Overlord1952d ago

That's easy, online passes and MP DLC, even more ways to rape peoples wallets

omi25p1953d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV is the best GTA and has brilliantly funny and addicting mulitplayer that is still one of the most played games online to date.

How is it bad?

guitarded771953d ago

I completely disagree... Mass Effect, Uncharted and GTA are not even effected by the MP. They still have strong campaigns, and Uncharted is great for 3rd person MP, GTA is all kinds of fun with friends, and ME MP just expands on the ME universe and offers a completely new way to experience what ME is. I can't comment on Spec Ops as I haven't played it. Of course it is your opinion, and you are free to express it. Just don't be surprised when a lot of people disagree. Anyway, that's for sharing and actually asking what others think. It's good to have open discussion with your readers.

born2live1953d ago

I agree that MP wasn't necessary. I disagree that the MP ruined the games in that list.

Godchild10201952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Dead Space 2 should on a list where the MP wasn't needed and I think Spec Ops: The line fits under that category. The other 3 games you listed don't need to be on that list.

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Cam9771953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

UC:3? I can tell the author I scraping the barrel here. That game had fantastic MP and those who say otherwise probably haven't experienced it to it's full. Coop an MP give the player lot of variety, furthermore, the online is constantly evolving with new additions to "The Lab", frequent updates, micro transactions, a wealth of challenges, skins and guns; special events (EG: Halloween and Christmas special items) and the fact that the maps are great, the game modes have variety and the MVP's logo shows for all to see.
I love playing U3 with my good friends - and friends across the pond for that matter.

Touching what you said about AC:B I guess it's a love/hate thing. I personally preferred AC2 due to it's groundbreaking features but AC:B was a great game. I liked the trainees, horse freedom, new moves and revenue from my buildings. Looking back, it was slightly below AC2 in my opinion because the environments weren't as varied.

isarai1953d ago

It's not bad, but has a lot of kinks that fuck up the experience especially when compared to the perfected simplicity that was U2 mp

Ezz20131953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

that's the same site who said God of war ascension ruined by MP
yeah i will trust their opinion ...NOT

icecoldfire1953d ago

This article is an automatic fail for including the ME3 multiplayer. Clearly he died one too many times from the Geth Prime or either the Banshee's or the Phantom's sync kill.

listenkids1953d ago

Uncharted is fine, it worked great in 2 and refined itself in 3, neither SP suffered.
I had a great time finishing Spec Ops and it never occurred to me there was a MP, so that didn't change anything from my pov.
Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is the best of that style I've come across, with a ton of support throughout the months with packs, classes. SP was still great to me.
GTA4 multiplayer is ape shit crazy, great inclusion to a good game.

I guess I disagree, to each his own.

FriedGoat1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

The single player did suffer, but not from the MP.
The way they developed the game was different from 2 and it really showed and felt like it. Don't get me wrong I loved 3 but 2 was superior.

I remember reading about the team creating the levels and then building the game/story around it, instead of creating the story and then building the levels to cater for it like in 2. It felt very detached.

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