Next Gen Consoles Might Offer Pre-Downloads, Call of Duty Survey hints

A new report has surfaced about the features of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720, thanks to a special survey sent by Activision to Call of Duty fans. In the questionnaire, fans are asked about their opinion of a digital version of a Call of Duty game that’s pre-downloaded to their consoles and available for play right at launch day

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Pandamobile1977d ago

Preloading a game? What an innovation! /s

GraveLord1976d ago

I have yet to see Sony or Microsoft do this. Are you saying this is a bad thing?

Eldyraen1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Great idea--I love having this option on PC. Preordering is a huge business and I bet it would be a very well received feature for next gen consoles as well. It might not start off huge as it is on PC today but would still be well received by those that choose downloading games over physical copies.

doctorstrange1976d ago

PS3 has already done that with a few games

pr0digyZA1976d ago

Yup, SCEE has being doing it for a while, SCEA hasn't.

Cam9771976d ago

Sports Champions 2 and When Vikings Attack offered this.

PS4isKing_821976d ago

PS4 pre loaded with ridge racer 8 at launch calling it now!! lol

SolidDuck1976d ago

Ya it should of happened along time ago. I believe steam has been doing it for awhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.