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Uproxx writes:

"DMC: Devil May Cry may be subject to the single most spectacular entitled-fan hissy fit in gaming history. Wah, Dante has black hair! Wah, Dante is skinnier! Wah, Dante touches boob!

It’s tempting to buy the game to just to wind up these basement-dwelling trolls. And it is worth buying… but at $60, whether or not it’s worth buying depends on what kind of a gamer you are."

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NovusTerminus1919d ago

Wow... Could you be a bigger ass in your first few lines?

zerocrossing1919d ago

I have this nagging suspicion the reviewer may be biased...

DragonKnight1919d ago

Story Quality: WTF?
Like this Website?: No.

Get to it.

Lord_Sloth1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Way to selectively address the SMALLEST issues the Antis have with this game, douche.

Snookies121919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

People disagreeing with you two above are obviously immature. You'd have to be to NOT see how absolutely moronic this reviewer sounds in the first little paragraph above......

This is another classic example of someone who doesn't even understand what he's talking about. I can't help but laugh at such a narrow minded person. At least hear where the people against this game are coming from. Don't shove words in our mouths, or pretend like we only care about the hair change...

I've accepted the fact that people will like this game. I have nothing against them. So how about showing people who have reasons against it the same respect?

zerocrossing1919d ago

I couldn't agree with you more man, getting seriously tired of people making anyone not liking the game look like whiney entitled children, heck I have the game and yeah I'll admit it's not as bad as I thought but pretty much everything the fans have express concern over are proven justified.

It's a great game, just a mediocre DMC game, IMO of course.

creatchee1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

"It's a great game, just a mediocre DMC game, IMO of course."

I don't understand this argument. 1 and 3 were awesome. 4 was okay, and 2 was absolute crap. Mediocre would only be a relative word if the games were constantly of a high level, which most people who have played them all would certainly say that they were not.

zerocrossing1919d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


DMC2 was bad... So much so I don't even include it canonically.

OK I think my previous comment may have been to vague of a statement, this is only my opinion mind you so don't take offence.

I really, really like DmC its a great action game, but it doesn't quite match my expectations of what I felt the next step forward for DMC, the franchise that shaped and defined the genre should feel like, 30fps makes the game feel choppy, the dialogue is kind of amateur and the game sometimes feels glitchy, also the controls are often unresponsive.

Basically, Im not applying the "its only as good as its weakest link" mentality, sure DMC has had some lesser entries but it doesn't mean I have to give the reboot any slack, Im looking to be impressed with a DMC game and as it stands so far Im not as blows away with DmC as I was with DMC3 or 4 which I happened to enjoy.

DangerousDAN1919d ago

Well, if most of you hadn't behaved like whiney, entitled children ever since the game's announcement, maybe you wouldn't have been labeled "whiney, entitled children".

The thing is, everyone would've been okay with you not liking the game; with you waiting on the final product and THEN deciding "nah, I'm sticking with the old, they're more... me", but the vast majority of you didn't do that. The majority showed up in every article or video and, with an embarrassingly little amount of constructive criticism, moaned and BITCHED in the comments sections without actually playing the final product (no, a demo doesn't give you everything). Worst of all, you DEMANDED for things to be done YOUR way... like children.

Therefore, you were labeled "whiney, entitled children". Just tone it down next time, at least.

zerocrossing1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


Granted, the vocal minority really over reacted but many of the core fans complaints were justified and ignored sadly because of them being petty...

So you're saying we should have given the devs no negative feedback or constructive criticism, just waited for the unwarranted reboot of our favourite action game franchise and spent our hard earned money on a product we don't like the look of, didn't ask for and then given our opinion after purchasing something we may not even one want to support?

I don't quite follow your logic friend, but none of that sounds very smart to me.

DangerousDAN1918d ago

That's the thing, many of you acted as if your 60 bucks had already been taken from you and the game was shoved down your throats. If that was the case, you'd had every right to demand whatever you want, but it wasn't like that. Ninja Theory were given creative freedom -- while maintaining the core concept of DMC -- to create a new DMC for a new generation (yeah, they matter too) by the very creators, so it sounds awful to me that crazy fans don't let devs express their creativity, it really pisses me off. Feedback is useful, but blatantly trashing the game isn't.

Yeah, so they rebooted your favorite franchise, but that franchise had already seen 4 instalments that were still there for you to enjoy and who's story canon wasn't erased, it will continue (even if it had been growing stale). It's because of this reason that the complaints just came off as juvenile and, as you said, petty.

And you don't have to buy the game to try it out, there are many ways to get ahold of a copy, you're being extreme.

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zerocrossing1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

double post...