10 Games That Deserve Sequels

Some gaming sequels are certainly unnecessary. But others have been incredible and have given us some of the greatest franchises ever. But what of those games which don't have sequels and certainly deserve them? Here are my top 10.

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MaleManSam1953d ago

I agree with this list. It's pretty well rounded.

Mine are:
The darkness III (Hope they could make it longer next time round...)
Star wars KotoR III

Hmm my choices seem to already have had sequels or semi sequels.

Bladesfist1953d ago

Well the website is down at the moment. I really want KOTOR III. KOTOR I and II are amazing games, please make it happen.

ThichQuangDuck1952d ago

My personal

Freedom Fighters
War of the Monsters
Star Wars Battlefront
Perfect Dark

profgerbik1952d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi
Jet Set Radio
Crazy Taxi

That is my list of games I would love to see brought to this generation.

I guess Shenmue did have a 360 release but I would still like to see more of it.

AmyParker1951d ago

Ah, I forgot about Crazy Taxi. I used to love that game.