CVG sources: Sony to abandon DualShock design for PS4

PlayStation will bring an end to a sixteen-year tradition of DualShock controllers with the release of the PlayStation 4, CVG has learned.

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Red_Orange_Juice1924d ago

I always liked dualshock. This will be interesting

Merrill1924d ago

As have I, but a change would be welcome; as long as it's not a complete 360 controller rip off.

iamnsuperman1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I really doubt it will be a 360 design. I see it being very similar to the Dualshock design but like the article mentions but different methods that the the immersion patent has for rumble. I don't see it differing that much.

MmaFan-Qc1924d ago

uh....isnt the 360 controller already a dualshock "rip off" but simply more bulky and with the left joystick swaped with the dpad?

Blackdeath_6631924d ago

i wouldn't mind too on the condition that they give me the option to use my ps3 controller on the ps4. i think sony should have sold the infamous banana controller on its own as an option to judge people's reactions.

Red_Orange_Juice1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I hope they'll keep current face buttons also inclusion of Vita's d-pad would be sweet.

Euroamer also claims to have similar news

Kingnichendrix1924d ago

MMaFan I would say the xbox controller is a dreamcast/playstation "rip of"

kneon1924d ago

Maybe we'll get the rear touch pad from the Vita

sikbeta1924d ago


Needs Real Triggers + X360 Analogs and DS would be that Best Josytick EVER!


Calling it:

Dual-Move Controller = Split/able(?)-Dualshock Design for motion-waggle-waggle and normal using like it should have been :P

RedDevils1924d ago

If they fix the analog sticky issue it would be awesome. I've been force to buy more than one controllers over the years because of this, especially if you Play Fifa or FPS games

Skizelli1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I think the Xbox 360 controller is perfect for everything except fighting games. The d-pad is the only thing keeping it from being the perfect controller. That's not to say I don't like PlayStation's controllers though. I've just never liked them for first person shooters. It feels unnatural to me (like I'm gouging someone's eyes out with my thumbs). I've always wanted to see a modular controller, where you can easily place analogs/d-pads/buttons where you want.

At any rate, I'm anxious to see what Microsoft and Sony come up with next.


I don't want to sound coming from a cave, but what do biometric sensors mean ? What are their features and advantages ? Do they mean they can detect our heat, sweat and face changements ? I thought. Sony would use the haptic feedback , more advanced than this :
Sony claimzd that you can feel a cat's fur with the upcoming controller:

What happened to those ? Anyway, I am happy that they will change this dinosaur design.

TheGamerDood1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Here's the most interesting part of the article.

"The new console - code-named Orbis - will be revealed in a matter of weeks, not months."

ZeroX98761924d ago

I always prefered the r1, l1 combo for fps, I'm finding it more direct and responsive. On the other hand, I prefer the triggers like Rt,LT for driving games, you can feel the accelerator (I got a G25, but for controller layout purposes).

Each gamepad got it's own advantage. The wiimote is actually not that bad for platformer games(2D).

Let's see what sony have in store for us!

Razmossis1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

The dualshock controller is the industry standard. Any changes should be centered around the dualshock design, it didn't win an EMMY for nothing. Triggers could be worked on for sure though.

People can have their own opinion about the 360 vs DS3 controllers, but in my opinion (having owned both consoles)
The 360 contoller is wonky (a design which only purpose it seems, was to make it different than the DS)
It's too heavy. It's too big (even for a 6ft 2" guitar player's hands).
The battery pack is in the way.
Some of the buttons (the bumpers) feel like they should be on a CD player rather than a controller.
The lack of pressure sensitivity, the terrible D-pad.
And the concave anologue sticks which only provide proper traction around the edges at their highest point, and the extra wide deadzone that detracts from sensitive, smooth movements and kind of turns everything into a flick.

When people say the 360 controller is better, no matter how hard I try to bare in mind that other people can have their own opinions too, I can't help but think of this list ^^ of problems that I find with it, and think to myself... fucking fanboy!

Maybe I'm the fanboy really?
But, a Playstation without a dualshock, for me, won't feel right at all.

nunley331924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I know nintendo first innovated introducing analog, rumble, and triggers first, but then sony took those ideas and nearly perfected them. Now with it's new controller, these will be further refined and added to with their recognisable sony style and innovation they're known for industry wide.

DOMination-1924d ago

I hope they make it smooth like the 360 pad. The ridges around the face buttons and dpad (not used so much) really starts to hard your hands after prolonged use.

SilentNegotiator1924d ago

People were so pissed about the redesign for ps3, before even giving it a second glance....I doubt they will even bother with a redesign unless they do anything radically different.

Viper71924d ago

I see no reason why Sony should abandon the current DS3 desing (it could be improved with better triggers tough) while still providing new controller for those looking for something new.

Or better (easier yet) make the console backwards compatible with Ds3.

ThanatosDMC1924d ago

As long as it's not that power glove controller...

LAZL0-Panaflex1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

All i want:

1:is slightly bigger.

2:better R2&L2 pretty much copy the 360 versions or at least make em like the pelican extensions but built in. And program all shooting games (including uncharted) to the r2&l2 not the blasted 1 buttons. Or at least make a flip button where the 1&2s flip flop.

3:better shaped not rounded.

i wouldnt mind a staggered anolog set up neither but isn't necessary.

Keep it light, better battery life, bigger home button and a headset like the 360 that hooks into the control,....not a usb port!

If youre going to copy the 360 controller, COPY THE 360 CONTROLLER!! Ballz to the wall baby. If not just make the TWEEKS i discussed.

I gotta admit button mashers like god of war and dantes inferno do feel pretty damn good on ps and not as good on 360. So let the dualshock 3 be ps4 compatible. And make all future ps3,4,5,6...shooters with r2&l2 shhot and aim flippability!

indubitably1924d ago

Finally, I couldn't believe they were sticking with it for so long. I would have even been willing to try the boomerang controllers over the awful dualshock.

1924d ago
Omar911924d ago

@LAZ U agreed with everything except with connecting the headset with the controller.I feel free when playing my ps3 as oppose to my 360.

1924d ago
BISHOP-BRASIL1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


That's exactly what I think, the genral shape of a Dual-Shock for me is better than 360's controller, but the thing is it have a lot of edges where the 360 is smooth, so it feels much better in hand even through it's gigantic and have the battery on the way behind.

So in my opinion the only improvement it really needs is smoothing those edges and better analog sticks... I'm on my 5th controller in 6 years just because the analog stick will not move back to centre correctly after sometime (I believe it simply wear out pretty fast), everything else works, but if my character is going to walk by himself when I want him to stay put, that's one worthless controller for me and I have to buy another.

Aside from that I'm ok if they go on and change some stuff or add new features, as long as they don't go with the dumb assymetric sticks I'm ok. Don't get me wrong, the idea behind assymetric sticks is good, but it came in the wrong time.

Following the first polygonal games and the introduction of analog stick most games had controls that wouldn't fully explore those features... We're using a stick to control the character, the camera would either follow the character's direction or be fixed and the other thumb would be pressing face buttons for main function, basically using the stick just like a d-pad in a game limited to clasic 2D environment. Also your hands were indeed in assymetric position on a Dual Shock since the stick is lower than face buttons.

Midway through last gen almost all games started receinving some shooter mechanics, that is, you control you character with a stick and "aim" (control the camera) with the other, allowing us to better explore the tridimensional worlds. So now basically your thumbs would be on the sticks almost all the time as you walk and look around, also starting the trend to assign main functions to shoulder buttons (or, more recently, triggers) as those were the only finger free to do something else...

So basically we're already in symetry on a Dual-Shock, specially if you are playing anything with shooters mechanics (ironically the very reason people praise assymetry) as it would just create the tension in hands (one side has better grip than the other). Sure there are games out there that could benefitt from it (even more ironically the only thing that comes to my mind is God of War, which still use a fixed camera and you spend a lot of time mashing combos on face buttons) but they are few and will be even more on the next gen as we grew used to be able to explore the map.

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Rage_S901924d ago

The important thing to note is the addition of biometric sensors, and an touchscreen. Not sure if i want a front touchscreen, but i wouldn't mind a back one.

TAURUS-5551924d ago

the dualshock is perfect to me, that touchscreen thing is kind of gay.

Haha1231924d ago

how do you expect to look at a screen if its on the back of the controller??... -_-'

adorie1924d ago

Haha123, you must have detachable eyes, which Sony has a patent on too. Take that Microsoft! :B!

nukeitall1924d ago

It will be replaced with the EyeToy 3.0 (aka Kinect 2)!


Max Power1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Hmmm, your zinger looks weird. I wonder what it could be.

Rage_S901924d ago

That was terrible attempt. Lessons at Powerofgreens house at 10.

MysticStrummer1924d ago

EyeToy 3.0 is already on the market. It's called Kinect.

Ezz20131924d ago


your comments are always lame .. and you do know Eyetoy 3.0 in on the market ..but with new name "kinect"

The_Con-Sept1924d ago

Naw wait for the eye toy 4 which can peer into your soul and tell you if you are gay or not.......

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Abdou231924d ago

I'm now 100% sure they will implement a touch screen in it.

3-4-51924d ago

TBH I can't stand the dual shock design. The Analogs are too close together and not as responsive as other controllers on the market.

The should buttons are awkward and it's a really dated design for a controller.

A new design could boost new interest in people who may not have considered it otherwise. like me.

A new controller is what I've always wanted for PS.

1924d ago
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )


"The Analogs are too close together and not as responsive as other controllers on the market."

The analogs seem perfectly placed and responsive to me <_< Wouldn't have been given an Emmy Award for "Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers" if it were un-responsive.

"The should buttons are awkward and it's a really dated design for a controller."

What are "should" buttons and why are they so, uhm,, awkward? o_o

"A new design could boost new interest in people who may not have considered it otherwise. like me."

Those "should" buttons must be horrible if they're keeping people away (,_, )

bigfish1924d ago

what planet are you living on?

3-4-51924d ago

blondie it's obvious I meant shoulder buttons. I messed up. it happens.

Anyways, I've just never thought any PS controller was comfortable to hold.

I like certain games for the various PS systems, but I just don't like the controller. You shouldn't get mad about it.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1924d ago

As long as it isn't the boomerang lol

UnholyLight1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

About fucking time. The Dual Shock controller needs a switch up. I hate it, especially for games like CoD. I go to my friends house and play on his PS3 and it just doesnt feel good like the 360 controller always has for me. Some people say if you have bigger hands itès possible that is maybe why a person hates the DS3.

I just hate the in-line stick design...

EDIT, to reply to RAZMOSSIS, I honestly have never felt any of the negatives that you claim. I am also a guitar player and I don;t have small hands...The DS3 feels like a piece of junk in my hands and is too small. The Xbox 360 controller has probably been hailed this gen as a revolution in design to the fact that so many people like it. The DS3 is nice in that you can charge them from your console, but the upside for me in the 360 controller is the battery pack itself. It provides a pefect place for my hands when I am holding it. Also, for FPS games it is far superior in my opinion to the DS3 which lacks the most basic thing called actual triggers lol...The thumbsticks also feel way better on the 360 and I dont slip off them like the DS3. For racing games especially the triggers are nice because the triggers give you VERY accurate sensitivity in that when playing Forza you can use slight brake inputs if needed without having to jam the brakes as what would happen using the DS3.

Personally, Sony needs to sack up a bit and actually try to improve. I find it incredibly lazy on their part that the DS3 is essentially almost identical to the original controller some decade plus years ago.

Also worth noting I enjoy the PS3 so I am not just some fanboy saying stuff cus I hate Sony or something.

JoGam1924d ago

Its only because you adjusted to the 360 controller. i feel the same way when it comes to the 360 controller because im use to the ps3 controller.

The_Con-Sept1924d ago

To me the 360 controller feels alien to me. It's hard for me to press all the way forward and the d pad is quite crummy. Plus 10 years of Nintendo gaming pretty much has my thumbs in auto pilot when it comes to button commands.

NeverEnding19891924d ago

Agreed. I grew up on the Dualshock with PS and PS2, but the year I spent on the 360 before the PS3 completely changed my outlook on controllers. The Dualshock was a fine controller when it was released, as was the SNES controller. Today, it is simply outdated.

I will be looking forward to a more ergonomical, 360-like controller, similar to the WiiU.

LAZL0-Panaflex1924d ago

Disagrees to that comment is sad. Well said and unbiased.

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MastaMold1924d ago

Not everything you read on the interwebs is true so i highly doubt it. Just wait for Sony to announce the PS4 there's no need for people to get upset or grab pitchforks

Sent from my PS Vita

1924d ago
DonMingos1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Yeah, Thank god he explained that... Mildred really knows how to explain stuff.

xtremeimport1924d ago

I'm okay with this. I love the dual shock, but a redesign is of course welcome. Keep it simple though sony. Dont try and make it some super fancy thing.

StraightPath1924d ago

360 controller undeniably the best controller on the market. dualshock does get uncomfy after long sessions.

Theangrybogan1924d ago

But is is deniable, look at several posts here where people prefer the duelshock to the 360 controller. Horses for courses dude.

princejb1341924d ago

I love the dual shock
In my opinion is the best controller out there
Is well balanced and doesn't feel awkward in your hands

animegamingnerd1924d ago

pretty i am guessing next gen it will be standard for all controllers to have a touch screen

mugoldeneagle031924d ago

Now I know why I've been getting controllers dirt cheap/free through my job.

God dammit.

fatstarr1924d ago

so they are gonna finally upgrade from the super Nintendo design after almost 20 years....

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Ezz20131924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

wait long as they have something close to it so i can play fighting games and H/S games etc
i'm fine with that

SmokexFFx1924d ago

You'll probably be able to connect DS3 via blue-tooth anyways.

Kurisu1924d ago

Maybe we will see the boomerang design that was shown alongside the PS3 when it was first announced? I actually like that design and it looks more "next gen" to me with the curves.

IRetrouk1924d ago

Dont know why all the disagrees it look sweet and was actually designed with the natural curve of your hands in mind, there was a vid years ago about it, will c if i can find it

animegamingnerd1924d ago

they will probably still use the same DPAD

majiebeast1924d ago

Not happy please keep the analogue sticks next to each other.

riverstars861924d ago

I actually hope they place them similarly to where the 360 controller's sticks are. Call me crazy but I like the 360 design.

nukeitall1924d ago

I like the Xbox 360 controller too. The best controller out there now, except for the terrible d-pad.

The DualShock was for the longest time "the" controller, so an update would be good as long as it's not the banana controller.

MetalProxy1924d ago

Call me crazy but I hate the 360 controller design. My hand cramps up so fast using that thing.

MysticStrummer1924d ago

The only thing marginally better about the 360 controller is the concave design of the triggers imo.

DragonKnight1924d ago

Call me crazy, but the Dualshock's design is award winning for a reason. People don't have asymmetrical hands.

GrandTheftZamboni1924d ago

I don't have the 360, but every time I held the controller I was really bothered by the battery pack.

insomnium21924d ago


How about changing the button configuration for next COD? If t's not broken don't fix it is all *I'm saying.

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UnholyLight1924d ago

humans dont have assymetrical hands....what a stupid statement..

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chadboban1924d ago

Well just like with every single rumor, we'll have to wait and see. Very interested to see what Sony will bring.