5 classic PlayStation series we want revived in 2013 writes:

"With 2013 shaping up to be a great year for gaming – and rumors of new hardware ever looming – we think it would a great time to exhume some of gaming’s long-forgotten gems for another shot, whether that be on current machines or PlayStation 4/Xbox 720. Sure, we don’t expect more than an announcement this year, but to know they’re coming is enough to satisfy our high expectations."

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theBAWSE1827d ago

Syphon filter should be top of anyone lists for a revival

aceitman1827d ago

Crash bandicoot hd collection

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1827d ago

^ this. Got a huge backlog right now but it would be a day one for sure

theBAWSE1827d ago

Toshinden the fighting game from ps1 (sonys soul caliber) and the getaway

badz1491827d ago

Syphon Filter, Jak & Daxter and Medieval! oh...Onimusha too, please Capcom!

Ezz20131827d ago

Legacy of Kain,dino crisis,Syphon filter

i hope to see any of them

Mcrmarcher1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Likewise, love the Lok and dino crisis series. Hope they finish the Lok story.

BlackWolf1827d ago

"I know you, Raziel. You are worthy."

Please EIDOS, bring Legacy of Kain again.

BanBrother1827d ago

Been asking for this for years. It was waaaay ahead of its time IMO for a PS1 game. First game that had dark, mature, scary themes for me.

Already got my wish for Oddworld, but likewise I'd like it to be expanded upon.

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The story is too old to be commented.