Woman in Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer is a real-life model, trailer’s early concept images revealed

Platige Image, the co-creators of Cyberpunk 2077′s teaser trailer, have revealed some behind-the-scenes images of the video. There’s some early concept sketches, 3D scans, and real-life photos of the woman shown in the trailer.

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no_more_heroes1924d ago

The question is, is that woman an important character in the game?

wheresmymonkey1924d ago

I think so, the description of the trailer was about how the pycho squad gains new members. She might best guess is shes potentially your character.

OhReginald1924d ago

Nah. You play as the judge dredd looking character.

Red_Orange_Juice1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

No to both, you create a new character from scratch

also the girl is hot :D

-MD-1924d ago

The game is going to have a character creator so you design what you play. The girl featured in the trailer isn't even in the game yet but they said they would like to include her.

SolDojo1924d ago

There's an extended version of the trailer sneaking around that has her flying away in a helicopter with the super cop guy and one of those eye things on. She gets recruited into Psycho Squad.

Kennytaur1924d ago

She's way hotter in real life. I wonder what platforms the game will release on?

wheresmymonkey1924d ago

PC, with maybe a console port later on if The witcher's anything to go on.

nukeitall1924d ago

I agree, but fake boobies is a turn off.

profgerbik1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Lol it's ok you are one of the few men left in the world with any real sense of class.

Fake boobs are a huge turn off not just because they are fake, actually over time they actually feel real. I had a girlfriend who had gotten them when I was like 15, she was 21 at the time.. I saw her ages later after we broke up and we hooked up again when she was 28 for a while but I noticed they were much different, I hated them before and I hated the fact she even got them, I told her she didn't need them but over time I did notice they get much softer and feel and move like real boobs.

Regardless you can't beat natural and what the main issue is to me is my Ex didn't even need them to begin with as with most women never need their boobs done, the big part that gets to me is how little confidence women have in themselves these days it's truly disturbing.

For instance this girl here, beautiful as all hell but still feels the need to improve on herself. It's sad but it's a fucked up psychological issue. It's not something one should find attractive.

I don't see how any decent person can be turned on by the thought of that. I guess I tend to think deeper into things as most guys probably just say "Oh she is so hot, so who cares".. I do?

nukeitall1923d ago


I think implants are starting to look more natural, but for a lot of women the cleavage just looks so forced i.e. they look like they overstretched to get it.

It's unappealing and frankly, I'm not sure I want to date a women that is so insecure about themselves they need fake boobies to make them feel adequate.

Sounds like trouble a mile away!

Personally I like real, even if it is small. Even if it's practically flat.

1924d ago
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