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wishingW3L1977d ago

this game looks more DMC than DmC.

Venox20081977d ago

well isn't it made by Hideki Kamya, the creator of real DMC? :)

Blacktric1977d ago

Kamiya has nothing to do with Rising. He's probably working on Bayonetta 2 at the moment.

Blacktric1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

For the ignoring crowd who insist on not believeing Kamiya's non involvement.

RyuX191977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

This game is being directed by Kenji Saito. He's worked with Kamiya on the Viewtiful Joe series and Bayonetta. This is his first time directing and after this I think we might have another great Japanese game director.

Also notice how some of the weapons are a bit TMNT inspired? I think that was Kenji's idea cause he actually has TMNT wallpaper on his desktop. Pretty cool guy it seems.

DonFreezer1977d ago

Can't make a comment any more stupid than that.First you whine about how the reviewers are gonna bush DMC.Then you all you haters tell us is that agame that most of the ps3 fanbase stormed to hell is going to rock just to make DMC look bad.You're funny in the ps3 fanbase.

Summons751977d ago

Well you see, platinum games with bayonetta alone proved they can make a game based off the ideals of DMC (fast, combo heavy, difficult if you try I button mash). This game is using the same ideals too. DmC is button mash one button to win, no skill gameplay, slow boring combat. The only people who don't like this game so far are the diehard "metal gear is stealth only" idiots who clearly never played metal gear solid 4 or else they would know that raiden was like this in that game an because of fan reaction to seeing that and wanting to do that this game wa born.

DEEBO1977d ago


Ps_alm3k1977d ago

omg! wow you can always count on metal gear series to have epic boss battles.

jimbobwahey1977d ago

My jaw dropped when I saw how dynamically Monsoon dodged all of Raiden's blade mode attacks. I can't even begin to imagine how much work just went into that one little thing alone.

Very impressive stuff, you can tell that Platinum Games has not only worked incredibly hard on this game, but also had a ton of fun while doing so.

Hanso1977d ago

the first boss in this game is already better than all DmC bosses combined

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The story is too old to be commented.