DmC Devil May Cry costume DLC announced

Capcom will deliver DmC Devil May Cry costume pack download content on January 30 for $4.00 / 400 yen / 320 Microsoft Points, it has announced.

The pack will include three costumes: Classic Dante, Dark Dante, and Neo Dante.

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vork771954d ago

finally they heard our crys calssic dante costume pack

LOGICWINS1954d ago

I see what you did there.

NewMonday1954d ago

where is the DLC that makes the game run at 60fps, it like stop motion at times on the consoles.

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

The new guy's face pisses me off, his lips and the general structure of his face make me want to punch him. Not to mention his eyes, and ridiculous hair.

decrypt1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Mind boggling, but why arent console gamers allowed to create their own skin packs.. why milk them over such petty stuff?

Its not like consoles cant do mods.

1953d ago
Army_of_Darkness1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I almost feel bad to see a bunch of demons getting beat up by a member of Nsync hahaha!

Yi-Long1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

... but hey, it's Capcom, so this was to be expected.

I'll wait for it to hit the bargain-bin again.

MaxXAttaxX1953d ago

Keeping the original character's design, personality, character traits and story was never their intention.

This costume/skin won't make a difference to me, at all.

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Bathyj1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

they didnt hear your cries.
this was planned 6 months ago
getting real sick of this dlc crap

OmegaSlayer1954d ago

Dunno about you guys, but I'll start tweeting Capcom and Ninja Theory that the Skin Pack DLC should be FREE.
Starting nao.
Could even start a petition eventually.

NewMonday1954d ago

the hair and jacket on that character model look silly, thy should use the model from DMC4, that was the best designed Dante IMOO.

OmegaSlayer1954d ago

@newmonday it's not about the look, it's about the fact that whatever costume had to be free.

Hayabusa 1171954d ago

You hate the fact that they plan DLC?

Bathyj1954d ago

yep, they're holding back content that would have been as unlockable for actually playing the gamelast gen.

If you want to finish making a game, release it and then make bonus stuff further down the track then I am ok with that

WiiUsauce1953d ago

I think he may have been being sarcastic, lol. like you know we really wanted it as DLC, they heard our cries!

AmkOwns1953d ago

1st Devil May Cry to have "paid dlc" ? Oo

Yi-Long1953d ago

... you can EXPECT them to nickel-and-dime you through DLC.

For me, and many many others, a great reason to never-ever-ever buy a Capcom game at release for full-price.

They more money they try to nick from my pocket through this whole DLC-scamming thingy they've always got going on, the less they end up getting. If any.

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Ezz20131954d ago

next thing they will do
they will make a DLC for Dante's missing penis

Blacktric1954d ago

And people will proceed to purchase it and then comment on articles related to DmC, saying; "I'm a real fan because I gave this game a real chance and I also bought the DLC. EAT IT HATERZ!".

N4GDgAPc1954d ago

Never once did i read a comment where someone said "I'm a real fan because I gave this game a real chance"

More like I played the demo (or never played it at all) and this game sucks!. Even though they haven't played the full game.

Mocat1954d ago

I thought NT said that Dante's style wasn't cool, and people would laugh at him if he walked into a club.

Bunch of hypocrites.

Snookies121953d ago

At least if old Dante were laughed at he would just beat the crap out of the people... This new one, I'm guessing he would cry and run into the corner to cut himself.

Sorry, but the new model looks like a douche. That's the only word that comes to mind when I see his face, hair, and clothes. Not to mention his dialogue.

DragonKnight1953d ago

@Snookies12: If old Dante were laughed at, he'd probably laugh along with the people laughing at him and buy them drinks. Donte would throw a tantrum and take his ball home.

Plus, seriously, his smile looks like the troll face meme.

N4GDgAPc1953d ago

No he would probly take out Ebony & Ivory and say dance and start shooting. After that he would say is it funny now?

fei-hung1954d ago

Did they? Original series gave away alternate costumes via game unlocks. Now we have to pay for that shit?! I don't think so!

IAmLee1954d ago

of course they will charge for it.
Scummy tatic, alter the character, and then for the fans who want to play classic dante, charge them.

Haha1231953d ago

now the fangirls can start fapping over dantes old look they were crying for

Blaze9291953d ago

why make a new Dante just to give people DLC that will make him appear as the old original one? Beats the whole purpose of a relaunch dont you think?

princejb1341953d ago

I called it
I knew they was gonna release dlc with classic Dante's skin

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GuyManDude1954d ago

You'd think that once...just ONCE...Capcom would try to harbor some goodwill towards us and offer costumes for one of their games for free.

Street Fighter 4
Marvel VS Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken
Resident Evil 6

And now DmC. Just once I'd like to see them treat us like adults instead of like children. You know how many costumes you unlock for beating Okami and getting all of the collectibles? 10. You unlocked 10 costumes in Okami.

Other than Mega Man 10 (and Okami HD), I haven't bought a Capcom game in 5 years. I don't see that changing any time soon.

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

Who even buys costumes for a single player game? Multiplayer, sure, you want to look flashy in front of others. But single player is about unlocking costumes and skins, not buying them.

Wintersun6161954d ago

Well whoop-de-doo. DLC like this should be free or $0,99 max.

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

$20 for the whole pack lol.

animegamingnerd1954d ago

how long will it take until someone finds it on the disc

ziggurcat1954d ago

i'm almost certain that NT/capcom said that there was no on-disc DLC content.

animegamingnerd1954d ago

they said the same thing about dragon's dogma and resident evil 6 also crapcom acutally defends disc lock content

Kingdom Come1953d ago

Actually they stated just prior to "Dragons Dogma"s release that they where changing their DLC, but confessed that "Dragons Dogma" would, due to it already having been completed by the time of the decision, would include on-disc DLC. As for Resident Evil 6, it did have on-disc DLC, however, it was all released for free.

I think that what Capcom are doing (utilising the controversy regarding Dante's appearance to trick people into purchasing Skins that where probably designed 6 months ago and could easily have been included as an Unlockable item), but there's no need to make up instances regarding their previous titles.

Hanso1954d ago


Mocat1954d ago

Aaah i see what you did there