KKEnt Presents: SarahCoconut's Tip on Playing Defense in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Shadowkat Wrote: Shadowkat here and we are FYC1. The one in our name means that we are the ONE AND ONLY FYC Clan that matters! We are a small clan that is slowly growing. We play to win and if we lose, we work to be better. We learn from our mistakes, so there is no shame here! Our Clan wasn’t official until the first Black Ops, but we all started long ago. We take on Clan Battles and we love League Play. We’re not always serious and we don’t get butt hurt, so try us if you dare! We’re here to fuck shit up, more specifically, YOUR COUCH. Yes, we know that’s what hurts you the most! We are recruiting and its nice meeting more gamers!

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